20+ Online Business Ideas For 2022
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20+ Online Business Ideas For 2022

The concept of online hustle is becoming popular with each passing day. You get the opportunity to earn bigger with smaller investments. It also appears with flexibility and less paperwork. It can be easily managed through work from home as well.

There are endless ideas for building online assets. We have shortlisted a few trending online business ideas for beginners and professionals.

20+ Online Business Ideas For 2022

Become A Freelancer

Do you know more than 57 million freelancers in the United States? Freelancing contributes 5% of the total US GDP. The freelance industry is reporting a massive influx of professionals and service demands. That is why if you are a Graphic Designer, Developer, Content Writer, Digital Marketer, or own any digital skill which sells, you can become a freelancer.

Several freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PPH, Guru.Com, and Flex Jobs allow you to create your free account and list services.

At the start, it may be difficult, but after learning the freelance mechanism, you can earn a handsome amount from this side hustle.

Start Your Ecommerce Business

E-Commerce is also on boom these days. Would you miss an industry making $4.5 trillion in sales per year? According to the NASDAQ claim, in 2040, more than 95% of purchases will be done online.

You can start selling online by joining any E-commerce platform as a seller—Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Walmart, etc. You don’t need to own things physically, an office to manage, or a warehouse to store.

Just buy from online B2B merchants, ship them to warehouses, use their delivery service, and earn profit back home.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

The affiliate marketing industry is also on a constant rise. You can help someone get more sales and earn a good commission. Millions of merchants search for influencers and digital marketers to promote their products. Affiliate marketing programs are also there to make things easier for both sides.

You can make your website, social media page, or Youtube channel to promote your affiliate partners. Digital goods like software, marketing, and management tools, and service providers offer big commissions on each lead or sale.

Become a Social Media Influencer

Social media is not all about fun at all. Suppose you have a good audience that you influence. Then, you can earn a minimum of $50 by promoting popular products in single Instagram stories.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, more than 70% of teens trust influencers rather than traditional celebrities. In addition, almost 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice, and 76% are active Insta and Snapchat users.

So if you have any exceptional talent or a healthy audience, start using them to earn passive income.

Start Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing produces the most significant ROI as compared to other businesses. Almost 93% of online interactions start with a search engine. Google receives 77k searches every second; that is why digital marketing agencies are productive and earning big.

You can start your digital marketing agency with a minimum investment. You can get clients from freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Bark with a reasonable budget. You can hire freelancers in graphic designing, web development, and content marketing to get your work done.

You only need a website to start, even though you can do this with social media pages. Then, push paid ads to those looking for digital services and get their work done through your remote team.

Sell Online Courses To Earn Passive Income

There are thousands of newbies like you to learn about the digital arena. That is why online degrees and courses are becoming so popular. The pandemic has done the rest of the job. People are more familiar with remote learning.

Several online platforms offer you to sell your online courses. Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, edX, Masterclass, and Udacity are popular online course providers.

Make your online course into tutorials, videos, and ebooks, and start selling it. Of course, you can also sell them on your website, where people pay to access exclusive content.

You can hire an expert from any field from freelance marketplaces to compile an attractive online course for you.

Flip Domains and Websites

Domains and website flipping are other popular online business ideas. Millions of people are selling their online assets and looking for a new identity.

You can start it through your website or by online flipping services. Flippa, Trademysite, Afternic, Free Market, and Website Broker are popular flipping networks.

You need to evaluate the asset and list it for sale, and you can earn a good commission from both sides.

Several digital tools help in website evaluation and finding the best price.

Start Your Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is the best source to earn bigger in a shorter time with less investment. You can set up your online store with the help of Shopify or your website to sell products owned by someone else. You must pick profitable products from B2B merchants and list them in your store. Then, when people purchase that item, it will be automatically shipped by that merchant, and you will earn your profit.

Most people use social media ads (Facebook, Instagram ) to drive traffic to their online dropshipping stores.

Become a Blogger

The average monthly income of a successful blogger is around $8000 per month. According to Semrush stats, there will be 32 million bloggers in 2020. Which just gained the 10 million mark in the last six years.

The above stats show the popularity of blogging. One can set up a personal or niche blog in less than a day. You only need a valid domain and hosting, available at the cheapest rates. Several hosting providers offer a free domain with hosting for less than $2 per month.

If you are not good at writing, you can consider freelance marketplaces like Fiverr to get SEO-optimized blog posts for just $5.

Most bloggers use Adsense or other Ad networks to generate revenue. In addition, many use affiliate promotion, links, and ads to multiply their earnings. A blog calendar is a must to set up for smooth work.

Start Online Tutoring/Coaching

If you are a teacher or a speaker and want to start your online business, start online tuition or coaching service. Several platforms, such as Chegg, Club Z, ETutorWorld, and Khan Academy, allow you to sign up as a tutor.

You can easily do this through your website or social media page. In addition, you can take online classes with the help of Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and several others.

Start Your Youtube Channel

YouTube claims more than 2 billion logged-in users. More than 16% of YouTube traffic comes from the USA. So why don’t you consider the world’s second most visited website for your passive income?

Youtube creators with bigger audiences earn millions per month. You can start your own Youtube channel according to your expertise and interest. For example, you can create a gaming channel where you can play online games and get passive income.

There are millions of YouTube channel ideas. You can use tools like TubeBuddy to monitor and grow your channel faster than your competitors.

Scripted video channels are also becoming popular. Where you won’t need to do anything. Just write or outsource video scripts, and use online tools to convert them into attractive videos.

Build Your Online App

You can earn good passive income by launching your app. Your app must add value to people where you can give some paid premium features.

Most free app providers use Adsense or other Ad network ads to monetize their users. It can be a To-Do Task, scheduling software of an online or online calendar app, and a VPN service.

After launching, use social media ads to get more installs and people onboard.

Create Your Online Game

It is observed that more than 85% of the gaming industry’s revenue is generated through free online games. So you can develop your own video game. For example, a famous Chinese game, PUBG, reportedly earns more than $8 million daily from players’ spending.

Video gaming culture is on its boom. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and many others are adding gaming features. For example, Facebook has recently introduced the Facebook Gaming feature.

The online gaming community is increasing every single day.

To develop an online game of its kind and launch it.

Start An Online Forum

Online forums are primarily used to interact with each other. People start discussions, ask questions and answer queries according to their knowledge.

Online forums are an excellent online business idea. You can launch your online forum where people can share their experiences with things with others.

Forum owners can promote affiliate products, paid ads, and Adsense ads to monetize their traffic. In addition, many forums offer ads-free access with paid plans. So it is all about community and earning.

Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress powers around 40% of the web pages. It also owns a 65% market share in the blogging industry. WordPress themes and plugins are hot-selling digital products. You can develop your theme or plugin and place it for sale.

Usually, themes and plugins provide free use to a limited extent. Then users have to purchase their premium plan.

You need to develop a business website where you can sell your theme and plugin. You can offer free basic features for community enhancement. Themes like WP Astra and WP Ocean earn thousands of dollars from regular and recurring sales.

 Sell Your Photos Online

You can sell your pictures on online websites if you are a good photographer and have a professional camera. Photographers earn thousands of dollars by selling their creativity on Shutterstock, Stocksy, and Getty Images. Additionally, you can monetize your passion if you want to enhance your photography skills. Seasonal, Events Based, and Wild photographs are prevalent types of images that sell.

The process for online selling is almost similar to freelance marketplaces.

 Sell Online Tools

Digital transformation has increased the demand and use of digital tools. Marketers, Bloggers, Businessmen, and entrepreneurs use digital tools to optimize their online presence.

You can create a website where you can sell your online tool or on a sharing basis. Most tools come with multiple team members’ functionality. So you can give them limited access against the monthly charges.

Most people sell digital marketing, Amazon, SEO, and writing tools.

Start Your Online Shop

The global e-commerce industry is expected to grow by $6.4 trillion in sales by 2024. People love online shopping. That is why you should start your online shop right away. You can sell T-Shirts, Shoes, or Cosmetics. It will depend upon your audience and the type of business.

Launch your online shop with WordPress and Woocommerce. You can turn it into your brand in no time.

Set Online Consulting Business

Online consulting service is also a well-known business. You can hire experts from different industries and offer consultations.

The demand for online consulting rose straight after the pandemic. But, then, the massive lockdowns pushed it further.

You can use your website, app, or any custom solution to provide this service. 

Start Crypto Trading

Crypto and Bitcoin are hot topics these days. There are several ways to earn passive income through crypto trading and investment.

The Crypto market is very volatile, so you must be careful while investing. Many people hire Crypto experts and use trading robots to maximize their profit.

One can purchase coins from different exchanges and store them in cold or hot wallets to sell for profit.

Crypto is being recognized as a payment method globally. This universal adoption drive is bringing more stability and opportunities for crypto investors.


Despite the scaling, the management of an online business is also essential. Scheduling software assists in reducing the workload. A smart manager gets more out of it. So comprehensive strategy, approach, and execution play a vital role in a successful online business.

20+ Online Business Ideas For 2022

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