2 Types of Tech Staffing Solutions for Companies
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2 Types of Tech Staffing Solutions for Companies

According to the Digital Transformation Survey by Corporate Leaders and PTC, organizations that have embraced strategic transformation benefit from improved operational efficiency, faster time-to-market, and the ability to meet changing customer expectations.

Innovative digital technologies can transform a business, maximize value extraction, and unlock new revenue-generating opportunities. However, a Gartner survey says the information technology talent shortage is why organizations are not adopting 64% of new technologies.

In short, there are fewer tech-skilled employees than enterprises are willing to hire, thus the lower-than-ideal adoption rate of transformative digital technologies.

Try these tech staffing solutions if your company is experiencing the IT talent crunch. These are viable alternatives to recruiting and hiring skilled tech personnel in-house.

Remote Work Staffing

Remote work staffing, also known as remote work staff augmentation, refers to working with a small work staffing company that can augment your current workforce with remote employees. It’s like outsourcing, but better.

How It Works

In remote work staffing, you outsource tasks to a remote partner instead of outsourcing to individual remote workers.

Your remote staffing partner is in charge of everything involved in getting you your tech talent: finding applicants, accepting applications, and screening candidates. After finding suitable personnel, the remote work agency will take care of your new remote staff’s onboarding, welfare, monitoring, and administration. It will also provide your new remote employees with the equipment, tools, and infrastructure they need to fulfill their responsibilities to your company seamlessly.

You will be in charge of integrating your new remote hires with your in-house team. This is something you have to do anyway with in-house hires. You will also be responsible for assigning your new remote workers their tasks.

Benefits of Remote Work Staffing

The following are some benefits of remote work staffing.

  • Scale on Demand

Your tech staffing needs can fluctuate significantly from one project to another. This is especially true of software development and tech services companies.

You can scale on-demand by hiring remote employees through a remote staffing partner. Got a new project that requires you to hire ten developers? You can get them quickly and conveniently through your trusted remote work staffing partner.

  • Downsize as Needed

How about the down months? After deploying software or concluding a project, you may no longer need your ten new remote hires.

If you got your remote employees through a remote staffing agency, letting remote workers go is as easy as adjusting the terms of your agreement with your remote staffing partner or terminating your remote staffing contract altogether. You can decide to let all your remote employees go or keep a few. It’s up to you.

  • Maximize Capacity

What if a developer in your team gets sick or has to deal with a family emergency and will become unavailable for a considerable period? Here, you have no choice but to assign the absent developer’s work to others in your team. This is less than ideal and could lead to poor job satisfaction among the remaining team members.

On the other hand, if a remote staff member is in a similar situation, you will suffer no losses. Your remote staffing partner must find a suitable replacement for missing or absent employees.

  • Minimize Costs

You may pay remote employees a higher daily rate than your in-house staff, but remote staffing can save you money.

With remote staffing, you don’t have to pay for onboarding costs. Instead, the remote staffing agency will provide your remote hires with the necessary equipment and tools to perform their tasks. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for your remote workers’ insurance and travel allowances, and you don’t have to provide perks like vacation and sick days off.

This is not to say they will not have such benefits. It’s just that the responsibility for such incentives falls squarely on the remote work staffing company.

Permanent Hire Solution

Permanent hire or staffing refers to working with a staffing company to find someone to fill a long-term role.

How It Works

In this arrangement, the staffing agency oversees all recruitment activities.

It will advertise your job vacancy on as many platforms as possible, comb through its database of tech personnel, even those on remote work duties, and accept and screen applications. It will then interview and shortlist candidates and present the most suitable contenders for consideration and final selection.

For your part, you are in charge of making the final hiring decision. You are also responsible for onboarding and integrating your new hire into your existing team.

Benefits of the Permanent Hire Solution

Why delegate permanent hiring to a tech staffing agency? Why not do the recruitment yourself? Here are a few reasons.

  • Quicker Results

Staffing companies have an extensive database of the skilled tech personnel who may be waiting to be tapped for long-term roles. Thus, the perfect person for the job might be a quick database search away.

Staffing agencies also know where to post tech job vacancies for the best results, and they have streamlined recruitment workflows that make screening thousands of resumes quick and efficient. In addition, they probably use artificial intelligence-driven software to match personnel to open positions.

  • Specific Tech Knowledge

However, the main benefit of using a tech staffing company is their specialized industry or domain knowledge. In addition, Tech staffing firms know what skills applicants need for tech jobs.

They are in the best position to fulfill a footfall analytics company’s requirement for a machine learning or data analytics expert that can help with service deployment or product improvement.

Likewise, they’ll know which skill sets to look for in the digital design, software engineering, enterprise resource planning integration, customer relationship management engineering, and cybersecurity posts.

This means they are the best persons to screen applicants for tech posts.

How about your own human resources department? Your HR personnel may not have sufficient industry knowledge to find the best candidates, while recruiters from tech staffing firms are more adept at assessing potential tech hires.

Overcome Tech Talent Shortage

Accelerate your business growth by embracing new efficiency- and productivity-enhancing digital technologies.

If you are experiencing a shortage of tech talents to facilitate your company’s digital transformation, fill the gap with remote work staffing or permanent hire solutions.

2 Types of Tech Staffing Solutions for Companies

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