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YouTube Marketing Metrics: 17 Important KPIs You Should be Aware of When Measuring Your Channel Growth

YouTube is the largest search engine platform in the world. YouTube has its own set of KPIs measure and analytics compared to the other social media. It can make it challenging to get started with good video promoting strategies. 

How important it’s to get rank for YouTube videos like increasing the YouTube KPIs is also essential. More rank for YouTube KPIs from most to least important, the response distorts toward engagement-type metrics like average percentage views and watch time. 

Here are the 17 crucial YouTube KPIs you should know:

1. Watch Time

Watch time is the entire amount of time the audience spends their time to watch the videos. It’s an important measurement because the search results become high on YouTube videos and channels. YouTube does everything for the video watch time and has engaged algorithms to presume it. Watch time report says that you will see the amount of time your videos have accumulated. 

2. Average Percentage View

It is the total percentage of each video of the viewer watched. It calculates your video’s ability to hold the audience’s attention for its totality. And YouTube perceives your videos can have the viewer’s attention, and they will bonus it with high search and guideline rankings. You could find this measurement in your watch time report.

3. Audience Attention

Audience attention shows how many percentages of the audience watched your videos and left them at every moment of the video. YouTube boosts your videos with massive audience retention to improve your search rankings and submission because all videos can effectively seize your people’s attention. The people retention can also intimate your future video strategy. 

4. Engagement

Keep your audience engaged with your videos. The audience always gives their support, such as comments, shares, and likes. They provide businesses with a lot of information. Keep an eye on the comments section, what the audience told, and you should follow the instructions. 

It is the best way to improve your KPIs and the audience’s attention. To improve your YouTube likes can be an effective way and stimulate your audience to watch your videos.

 5. Average View Duration

It is divided by the total amount of the video plays in your video’s whole watch time. This video track measures the ability and engages your audience. In case you can’t engage viewers for your videos, it will bounce from your video quickly and leave you with an unimpressive average view duration.

6. Re-watches

Rewatches mean some amount of times the audience rewatch specific parts of your video. If many audiences are watching specific videos, again and again, they are interested in your video’s title during that moment. These topics should be grub for your different video strategy. And you can determine the information in the absolute audience retention strategies. 

7. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR is the definition of how many times ads receive divided by how many times ads are shown in the search pages. Cards that motivate people to take a well-liked action playing a video like subscribe your channel, click through drive a different website, and watch other videos. It should help you set the most attractive card in every video to boost your watch time and subscriber growth. 

Analyze click-through rates that help you place your card placement, optimal timing, and duration in future videos.

8. Playlist Engagement

Playlists are the best way to arrange your videos in an absorbable manner. It helps your audience easily consume your videos about their exciting topics and apt them to watch, which sets up watch time for your channel. A playlist is the average amount of video views your playlists, and the average time of the playlist is an average number of times that the audience. 

9. Impressions Click-Through Rate

It measures your video’s capacity to people who watch your video after seeing it on their homepage or recommendation section and trending section. A click-through rate means your topic was effective, and your video’s topic vibrates with many relevant audiences on YouTube.

A low click-through rate provides high engagement that the video gives a particular audience fascinated by the content.

10. Views From Different Viewers

Views from a different viewer is a certain amount of time from the average views for your video. This measure shows you that people can’t get enough of your video and keep rewatching it again. The video title attracted many audiences, also with a lot of views from each different audience. It can also be the most famous content topic that covers them and generates more views, watch time, and subscribers.

11. Traffic Sources

It’s an external referral like social media website that inserts your videos with referrals containing the search and recommends section & the homepage about all traffic sources. The traffic sources report tells you how the audience found your videos and which sources arrange the most watch time and view. You can use the information to optimize your video marketing strategy better.

12. Keywords

Keywords are the most critical factor which can help with your video ranking. According to the YouTube report, you can see the most famous queries guiding your videos’ audience. You can use the keywords in the title and description part. Also, fill the content gaps and include the keywords to your metadata.

13. Subscriber Growth

The ultimate goal is to increase subscriber growth for your videos. They are the most loyal fans. Subscribers are most important to your channel growth because YouTube will notify you whenever you are uploading your new videos and feature them on the YouTube homepage. It will see your videos more continuously, which helps create more views and likes. 

14. Lead Generation

YouTube allows more sales, improves your marketing, and generates your tracking leads. There are more beneficial to gain a better understanding of the following things:


  • Which videos drive more leads 
  • Where the traffic comes from 
  • How you can improve the number of leads, increase views, and traffic to the video. 


Engagement is the most significant thing to get the attention of the audience. Increasing the comments and views is an essential factor in tracking your audience. Even every social media has that section for connecting your lovable audience. Replying to the comments is one of the healthiest ways to grab the viewer’s retention. 


Sharing is one of the best parts of an arrangement that you can get from your followers. Only share shows who are the most interesting with your content and are interested in watching your content. YouTube allows you to share your videos on any platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It helps to increase your brand awareness and cross-promoting your videos. 

17. Video Ranking 

YouTube algorithm provides the rank based upon the keywords and tags. It is an essential factor where using keywords helps to make rank on SERP pages. However, the video ranking is most important to enhance your YouTube channel. 


There are many metrics available to measure YouTube than views and subscribers. Apart from that, you can analyze and get information about audience retention and shares. Hence, create quality content and skyrocket to reach your channel. 

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17 Important YouTube KPIs

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