16 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools For Entrepreneurs

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Anyone who wants to use online marketing in a targeted manner must have the appropriate tools at hand. Unfortunately, professional applications are often not cheap. Especially small companies are therefore dependent on free solutions. Fortunately, there are numerous providers offering appropriate software. Some of the applications are limited in their function compared to a paid version, but still useful. In this blog, we have listed 16 digital marketing tools that help to optimize and increase your digital marketing performance.

Try These 16 Digital Marketing Tools

  1. Google Analytics – Google Analytics is certainly one of the most powerful web analytics tools available for free. With Google Analytics you can see how users use your website, which channels they came from and which areas of your website are viewed most frequently. Google Search Analytics is certainly the most intensively used tool with the Search Console.
  2. Google Search Console – The Google Search Console is another free analysis and service tool from Google. The Google Search Console can monitor and make many settings on web pages. Search Console is great for diagnosing and improving the visibility of your content.
  3. Onpage.org – OnPage.org FREE  is ideal for smaller websites with up to 100 pages. The tool reveals technical optimization options and provides information on key keywords and rankings. In addition,  OnPage.org FREE  also includes a WDF * IDF analysis and text editor that can be useful in creating content.
  4. Buffer – Buffer is a web service that makes it easy to post content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, even in the free version. Statistics on the posts complete the functionality.
  5. AgoraPulse – With the AgoraPulse Barometer you can get a quick overview of the Facebook Fanpage Performance. Looks not great with me now. But can still be;).
  6. Twitter Analytics – If you want to know more about the performance of your own Twitter account, you will find a statistics tool for the success check in the free  Twitter Analytics. Top tweet, top mentions, top followers, and top media tweets are just some of the key features of this comprehensive analysis tool.
  7. Crowd Fire – Crowd Fire finds relevant content for content curation.
  8. Pixbay –  There is not much to say about Pixabay. Who needs pictures, will surely find it here. All images can be downloaded for free, modified and used for any purpose, including commercial.
  9. Canva – Canva is an online tool that allows anyone to create beautiful graphics for websites, presentations, social media, and more for free. I know Canva since 2014 and use it regularly for my articles.
  10. Google Alerts – Google Alerts provides the ability to receive email notifications about the latest relevant Google results (such as web pages, messages) for one or more specified searches.
  11. Sniply – Sniply offers an advantage that other short-link services do not yet offer in this form. In fact, you can use the link to add a text and a button on the page to which it refers to a matching article on your site, or to your contact form, or to your newsletter, or to your shop, or, or, or.
  12. PiktoChart – If you want to create infographics quickly and easily, you should take a look at PiktoChart. The free version allows access to a number of free layouts and the download of the finished graphic as an image file.
  13. Google My Business – For all companies that want to achieve the greatest possible success with the least possible effort, since mid-2014 Google offers the possibility to register their own company for free with Google My Business.”
  14. Google Data Studio – Data from Analytics, GSC, youtube, etc. and own databases together and evaluate. Create your own reports and view them regularly. By combining the data you gain a nice insight (if you know what you are combining and what the message is …).
  15. MouseFlow –  Can be tested for free and is enough for a little story. Produce heatmaps and you see how the user goes over the page. How deep do visitors scroll, what do they click, how do they fill-in?
  16. Optimizely – Perform A / B tests without touching the code itself. Embed code snippet ready. Your page will be loaded in parallel in a container in which you can make changes. Per JS the original or edited version will be played on eg 50% of your visitors. 30 days of a free trial.

16 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools For Entrepreneurs

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