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15 Surprising Facts and Statistics about Mobile Commerce

Browsing websites through a mobile device was once a dream, but the fastest internet connectivity and interactive hand held devices have made it possible within the last few years. I remember when I used to install opera mini through a local vendor so that I can log in to a search engine and find things of my interest. All this developed so fast that a kid can easily install an application from play store or apple store and carry on doing things for himself.

The instant shift from a keypad or keyboard to touch screen has revolutionized almost every industry across the globe. It has cut short the process of searching products, brands, and services with the tap of a screen. The eCommerce has got another active source of getting clients that’s why another term came into being by the name of mobile commerce. The statistics show that some of the top eCommerce websites are serving 55% mobile traffic that was considered to a nominal percentage a few years back.

Mobile devices power up 33% of digital commerce

Reports suggest that 33% of the eCommerce (traffic, shopping, and payments) are taking place through smart phones and mobile gadgets. This means that one-third of the digital commerce is actually mobile commerce. The professionals associated with the eCommerce industry further speculate an increase in mobile commerce in the coming users in the USA as well as the Asian markets which have also embraced the latest technology.

More than 1.2 billion people are using their smart phones every day to get connected to the global economy, and a great number of people among them intend to buy products or services. In the overall online buyers, 60% are mobile shoppers who like to enjoy the comfort of placing an order through their smart gadgets.

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In the market, one may find smart phones in varying brands that are powered mainly by Android and Apple operating system. Among these mobiles, iPhones yield a higher conversion value in comparison to Android, Windows, and other software.

The m-commerce industry insights reveal a lot about the increasing demand for the merchants, sellers, and service providers across the globe. You can also benefit of the statistics discussed in the infographic below.

15 Thought-Provoking Statistics about Mobile CommerceInfographic by – Fme Addons


15 Surprising Facts and Statistics about Mobile Commerce


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