14 Apps Every Designer Must Include in Their Toolkit

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Graphic designing is a laborious job that requires a zillion of yous. When you begin to tackle a design project, it takes something out of you in the form of stress and fatigue. Starting from ideation to execution, there is an entire array of tasks that a designer has to accomplish to deliver a project successfully.

Considering the hectic life of graphic designer, this can be a serious challenge. However, thanks to some of the handy apps, the designers can efficiently manage their life and give their best in every shot.

Some of them deserve mention:

  1. Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf is one of the best apps for designers to play around with design ideas before making them a reality. With this fantastic tool, you can perform several tasks without having to slog hours on ideation and brainstorming sessions.

Let’s say you fall in love with a background and you want to add it to your next design; this app will allow you to cut the photo and attach it with the design.

  1. Color Schemer

Using the right color palette is one of the many intricate tasks in graphic design. When it comes to choosing the right colors, it is always finding a fine line between aesthetics and absurdness. However, this tool allows you to select the apt blend of colors that aptly befit a design.

Based on the iOS interface, this toolkit allows you to choose from 1 million colors and make the right selection that matches your particular artwork.

  1. iDesign

If there is one app that you can use to create the illustration and drawing of your future project, then there is no one to compete with the power of iDesign. With this fantastic app, you can create 2D illustrations and technical sketches of your project.

This app comes with various features that make it a useful tool for designers. Some its functionalities that deserve a mention include iCloud support, multiple layers and user-interface design. This app is beneficial for designers working on 2D designs.

  1. Skitch

One of the best brainstorming tools for designers, this tool allows them to share ideas with team members and get their feedback. Using this fantastic app, you can also annotate project details, visualize design concepts and create sketches. All these tasks save you from hectic process of checking emails for feedback and sending your work for revisions.

  1. Axure

Designers have to constantly collaborate with their team in order to share their design ideas and enhance productivity. For those busy designers, Axure provides an efficient way to work together as a team and produce better results. This tool makes it a lot easier for the designers to share mockups of their design concepts and work effectively as a team.

  1. Fontli

Fontli is a social networking platform for typographists. It combines content syndication and content curation to enable you to share creative ideas with your group of coworkers. Using this application, you can also join the conversations of typographists and digital artists and enrich your knowledge about typography.

  1. Image Tricks

One of the best tools to modify your photos, Image Tricks makes it significantly easier for the designers to do the little tweakings in their design works. It uses plenty of filters to images using more than 20 formats. You can even frame your favorite images and easily share them with your friends and family. With this tool, you can breathe life to your best shots without doing the hard work.

  1. Fuzel

Fuzel is your tool to convey any ordinary picture into a moment of celebration. You can easily create a collage out of your best photos with this fantastic tool. So if you want to have only the memorable shots in your album, you can easily take from this app and enrich your album with several photos.

  1. FX Photo Studio Pro

What is incredible about this graphic tool is that it offers more than 190 filters that empower you to create the desired effects in your designs. In addition, this awesome tool is also included with textures, editing tools, and text labels, to name a few.

  1. VectorSNAP

VectorSNAP is considered one of the best apps to add vector graphics to your design works. So if you have a vector-based design concept that you want to turn into a beautiful work of art, you can take the help of this app and do the job.

The good quality about these images is that you can increase their size, and they will never get pixilated. You can save them in SVG or PNG file format and use them in T-shirts, logos, and graffiti.

  1. Sketchworthy

Sketchworthy comes as an effective tool for passionate graphic designers to put their best work in the portfolio, make a note of everything, and manage your work. With this app, you can make your research easier as a designer by annotating information and saving your best resources, including websites, maps, and images.

  1. Invoice

Being a freelancer designer requires a lot of billing and quoting and this is where this app comes into play. With this application, you can create invoices, get the payments and even find out the history of your payments.

So you will walk away with your hard-earned money without doing the accounting and book-keeping.

  1. Layers

Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, you can use this app to do the last-minute touch-ups in your work. Layers enable you to add multiple layers to your design and drawing. It also comes with an eraser and smudge tool to spice your design with various painting arts.

This tool is perfect for designers who want to doodle with a design idea. It is available in several tools that include multi-colors, brushes, and erasers, to name a few.

  1. Marksta

Marksta is yet another tool that designers can use to watermark their works, such as logos, photos, or icons while sharing them with their followers on the social media platform. It gives you a range of options to add watermarks to your work of art, including border customization, creating multi-effects in layers, adding annotation, etc. In addition, it saves your intellectual property from abuse by crooked elements.

This list provides you with 14 of the best tools you can use in your design projects. If you know better tools, let us know in the comments below.

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14 Apps Every Designer Must Include in Their Toolkit