13 Simple Ways For App Development Companies To Generate Leads

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There is no denying that the online marketplace is becoming increasingly overcrowded, data-centric, and research-driven. This, in turn, has made effective and consistent lead generation an integral part of any development task, including app development. However, with the growing competition and the increased awareness levels of customers, lead generation has become a relatively challenging task. Even the most experienced app developers find it increasingly difficult to overcome the challenges of generating good leads. Thankfully, the below discussed tested tips and tricks for lead generation can make the process relatively simpler for app developers and help them to generate good leads.

Focus On Direct Customer Engagement:  Engaging directly with the end-users is one of the most effective ways of generating quick leads. Engaged customers are generally more satisfied ones and hence provide better word-to-mouth publicity. This, in turn, helps in attracting new customers and naturally ensuring consistent lead generation. Some of the tools that app developers can use to enhance direct customer engagement include live chats, forums, and customer help support centers staffed with expert professionals.

Make Use Of Both Outbound And Inbound Marketing: It is a known fact that outbound marketing is more effective for getting the desired results than inbound marketing. However, this should not make the app developers overlook the importance of inbound marketing. In fact, the app developers need to use both the marketing approaches in a balanced manner to quickly and effectively generate leads. Sharing informative content, active involvement in online communities, and solving customer problems can prove helpful in this context.

Make Use Of Latest Tools And Technology: Using the latest tools and technologies for app development can play a critical role in setting market trends. That is why it is important for app developers to keep themselves updated about the latest advances in technology and invest in them. The use of the latest technologies makes it possible for developers to integrate new features and functionality into their apps. This, in turn, can prove to be a key aspect for generating new leads effectively.

Use Social Media To Get New Leads: Social media has come to play an important role in all types of marketing activities for different businesses, including app development. Exploiting the potential of social media as a lead generation tool can provide faster results for app developers and ensure consistent and good quality leads. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook offer countless opportunities to reach out to potential clients and quickly.

Focus On Developing And Optimizing Informative Content: One of the key aspects of ensuring good lead generation is for the app development companies to share relevant information through various media. However, care needs to be taken that the content is precise and grammatically correct, and informative. This is essential to establish a sense of trust and goodwill amongst potential customers of the app. Optimizing the content is essential to ensure that its reach is enhanced quite significantly for better results.

Invest In Picture Video Content: As the old saying goes, a picture is more effective than a thousand words. Never has this statement been more relevant today in the online world, where image and video content is taking center stage. Hence, app development companies must invest in image and video content to spread information about their latest apps. Using snapshots of the features or uploading small videos detailing the app’s functionality can go a long way in generating good leads.

Use Blog Comments For Marketing Apps: A new trend that has surfaced online is commenting on blogs of relevance and then including a link to the app. This method ensures that the right people view the app link, and in most cases, this has resulted in effective lead generation. However, the key here is to embed the app links in a comment for a blog relevant to the app’s features and functionality.  

Make Use Of Email Marketing: New-age digital marketing professionals have discarded this traditional lead generation method. However, email marketing is still as effective as it was several years back. The only condition is that marketers need to use this tool by the changing market demographics and customer needs and behavior. In fact, when used properly, email marketing can prove to be one of the best lead generation methods available to app developers.

Take an Active part In Forum Discussions: Forums and discussion platforms are the best places to spread information about the apps and generate new leads in a simple and hassle-free manner. Most people using such platforms seek solutions to various problems, and hence they provide the right environment for the app development companies to promote their apps. These platforms can also act as an information hub for such companies by making them aware of the latest trends and expectations of the end-users.

Make Use Of Market Influencers: Market influencers are individuals or situations that motivate people to invest in a product or download an app. These influencers can be celebrities or people who have a knack for directing people into doing something or even specific socio-economic situations. The app development companies need to keep an eye out for people who can positively influence their potential customers and work as effective lead generators. In the case of human influencers, the companies should be willing to pay them.

Add Unique In-App Features: Nothing can prove more effective in generating great leads in minimal time than the promise of a unique in-app feature. This will require some research on the part of the app development companies to learn about the features sought by their end-users and which are lacking in other apps. It is also important to ensure that this feature is sought by most users and does not affect the app’s efficiency in a significant manner. Once such a feature has been identified and included in the app, all marketing efforts should highlight this specific feature.

Offer Loyalty Rewards And Bonuses: Appreciating the customers for using their apps and bringing in new clients is a tried and tested lead generation method. The promise of reward points or loyalty bonuses often motivates the existing customers to promote the app within their own networks. This strategy is often said to have been inspired by the PPC method used in online marketing. Irrespective of whether that is true or not, the fact remains that it is surely one of the simplest and effective lead generation methodologies.

Make The App More Interesting: Adding interesting marketing strategies, such as short quizzes, puzzles, or even displaying trivia facts, can go a long way in ensuring effective lead generation. These features should also be included in the app to keep the users engaged and ensure that they promote it amongst friends and acquaintances. After all, who would not like to boast of being a more intelligent person.

Attend Events And Conferences Related To The Niche: Another effective way of generating good leads is for the developers to attend events and conferences for the relevant niche. Such events and conferences provide them with a unique platform to promote the apps amongst the appropriate target audiences. Moreover, it helps them establish strong networks within the niche to enhance the visibility and goodwill of their apps more efficiently and cost-effectively. In fact, the app developers should be a part of as many events and conferences for the niche they are developing the app for.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies, a mobile app development company in India.

13 Simple Ways For App Development Companies To Generate Leads

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