12 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid that Could Hurt Your SEO

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12 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid that Could Hurt Your SEO

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In today’s digitized world, you must have a business website, whether an entrepreneur or an experienced professional. At present, a business website is no more an option to have; instead, it has become a compulsion. Therefore, you need to meet specific design standards, as well, to ensure your commercial success.

The well-designed and maintained business website attracts the attention of a larger audience, engages the customers, and keeps a strong bond with the customers. But, on the other hand, if your website looks dull and unattractive, it will impact your business adversely.

You must hire a leading  Web Design Company in India to build a unique website, increasing online traffic and leads. This way, you can also avoid the common web designing mistakes that may negatively affect your business in 2021.

The blog will discuss 12 website design mistakes that you must avoid,

  • Irrelevant Images 

Visuals have greater importance on web pages. Users see images when they first enter a website, and their first impressions matter a lot. Therefore, you need to design your website with high-quality and relevant ideas to engage the users. The visuals deliver your company message to the users. Unfortunately, many companies use random images that affect the users’ impression at first sight.

  • Annoying Popups

Avoid including irrelevant and disturbing popups when a user is browsing through your site. Users find these sharp popup images annoying and dismiss them. Sometimes, the popups ask the users to take actions that make the users dubious about the popups. In brief, random popups can damage your brand reputation. If you want to use popups, use them wisely under the guidance of an SEO Service.

  • Puzzling and Vague Fonts

It annoys the audiences the most when they cannot understand the fonts used in a website. Fonts used for websites must be easily readable so that users spend some time at your site and get the information.

  • Non-Identifiable Content

You must arrange your website content so that visitors can scan the content and collect the necessary information. Internet users want things to work fast. Visitors do not spend much time after one site. Therefore, you have to incorporate the right keywords and data in the texts.

  • Slow Loading Speed

Speed is a vital factor. If your web pages take much time to load, visitors might exit the page and never return. Slow loading speed affects online traffic and leads.

  • Navigation Issues

Website navigation guides the visitors to shift from one webpage to another. If your website has navigation problems, users would likely leave the page without exploring the content.

  • Lack of Contact Information

No contact information on a website is another common mistake that affects the audiences’ first impression. If the contact information is missing, the users might misinterpret the users that your company is not interested in staying connected to their audiences.

  • Low-Quality Content

Low-quality content disheartens the viewers about a website. A high-quality and engaging content encourages the users to stay longer at a sire. Your content must address your customer demand, enriched with the right keywords.

  • Poor Call-to-Action

A robust call-to-action can reach your business to the peak of success. On the opposite side, a haphazard call-to-action baffles the users. Therefore, the process has to be clear and convincing to engage the users.

  •  Lack of Security

Lack of security always drives away the audience. Therefore, your business website must be safe and secure, especially in the context of the preservation of users’ data and monetary transactions. A website beginning with HTTP creates a certain impression.

  • Bad Search 

It would be best to ensure that users get enough information when they click on the search bar. If your website fails to deliver the audience’s specific information, it will impact your business adversely.

  •  Use of Multiple Tabs 

The use of multiple tabs and windows makes the search process slow and confuses the audience. In addition, it makes most of the users get back to the main page and exit the site.


It would be best if you avoided these mistakes to present a flawless website before your users. The web design helps in the conversion of potential customers into permanent buyers.  For further queries, you can contact Digital Infoways – SEO Service Company India

12 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid that Could Hurt Your SEO

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