12 Tech Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Business Team

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12 Tech Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Business Team

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There are many ways technology can help you track your employees, from simple KPIs to data visualization. Whether you want to ensure your employees are on-time or looking for insights into your team’s productivity, the following tips can help.

12 Tech Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Business Team

1. Teleconferencing

One of the most basic ways to remain connected to your employees is to hold regular meetings. Once a month, for example, you can schedule a teleconference for everyone on your team. This way, everyone is updated on what’s happening with the organization. Also, teleconferencing is more convenient than hopping on a plane every few weeks or months to catch up with members working internationally.

2. Text Messaging Apps

Text messaging has become a major way of staying in touch with your business team. The great thing about text messages is that they are fast and informal. You can send a quick message to check in on your employees or ask specific questions without feeling like you’re invading their space.

3. Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are an excellent way of gaining insight into your employees’ working habits. This survey allows you to collect data about how your team feels and what they need to be more effective on the job.

4. Employee Time Clock

Another way to track employee productivity is through time clock software. A time clock allows you to keep track of employee hours and use that data to create reports. For example, if you want to ensure your employees are working efficient hours every week, this software can help you evaluate where time is wasted.

5. Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools are another fantastic way to connect with your team. They can help you manage teams in various locations and ensure everyone is updated on what’s happening in the organization. They can also be great for sharing notes as you work on different projects.

6. Data Visualization Tools

It’s easy to think of data in a relatively straightforward way. For example, you may have a list of tasks that need to get done or a list of employee records. But as you dive deeper into data, it’s helpful to have tools that can help you visualize all the information you’re gathering. That way, you can gain insight into patterns and trends that might not be obvious.

7. Project Management Software

Project management software is another excellent way to stay updated on your employees’ workloads and productivity levels. The technology allows you to create a list of tasks and assign them to different team members. Also, it may include features that help you ensure each employee is working on the right tasks at the right times.

8. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a wonderful way to hold a meeting that may require visual demonstrations. For example, if you need to conduct training, you may use visual aids to ensure the message is well understood. You may share your computer screen during this presentation, or you could use objects or whiteboards.

9. Use Emails To Communicate

Writing emails is an excellent way to stay in touch with your employees. Keep the emails brief and easy to read, as most people don’t have the patience to read long emails. If you are sending a lot of information, consider using other channels like phone calls or texts.

10. Employee Performance Evaluation Software

It would help to evaluate your employees regularly, especially in a performance-based business. The software can help you keep track of the most important metrics related to performance, such as attendance and quality of work.

11. Interval Timers

Try using interval timers to keep your employees on the clock and ensure they work at peak efficiency. These are easy apps that send alerts to your employees’ phones or computers when it’s time to take a short break from work. This can be as simple as a series of beeps, or your employees may have the option of setting an interval timer for each task.

12. Time Logging Software

Keeping an eye on employee time is important, especially when managing a commission-based business. For example, if your employees are sales agents who earn commissions based on their commissions, you must ensure they work enough hours each week to qualify for commissions. In this case, logging software will allow you to monitor employee attendance and daily performance.


Managing a team of employees can be demanding, but if you use the best strategies and technology, you will get efficient results. These are techs to consider when managing a team, but always remember that your people skills will get the job done.

12 Tech Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Business Team

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