12 Email Marketing Hacks To Increase Your Response Rate

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Inbox is your final frontier for most creative forms of communication. 

Do you know that email marketers are constantly looking for the option to improve their email response rate? 

Most marketers encourage feedback from subscribers through emails. But they forget that people are hungry for ideas and then form an interest in your products. 

So, before answering their queries, just remember taking feedback isn’t enough. Instead, please send an email to your prospective clients, develop personalization with them and increase conversion rates.

With the relevant words in your email, your clients will open your emails and will get in touch with you for their queries. Email personalization is a powerful tool to increase your response rate and scale up your sales process.

That’s why to improve your email marketing response rate go through these 12 email marketing hacks that will scale up your business.

So, let’s get started.

  • Figure Out The Best Time

The first and most important step before sending an email is to find when is the best time to reach out to your prospects. Remember, the best time of sending the email depends on the trends and niche of that industry.

According to Sleeknote the best day to send an email is Tuesday and Thursday regarding open and click-through rates. 

So, go through your analytics, gather the data, and based on that, consider sending emails to the users according to their timezones. 

There are many email data analytics providers like Mailchimp and Aweber that show data based on the user’s open rate and time to optimize your campaigns accordingly. 

  • Personalize Your Email

Email personalization is the most important tactic to boost your success rate. Always mention the first name of the recipient in the subject line and body. 

According to a study by Eloqua– the top-performing emails include subject lines personalized with the recipient’s name and additional data such as their location. 

The email from Simon and Schuster is a perfect example of the personalized email that encourages a subscriber’s response rate. I always recommend using marketing platforms such as Keep and Hubspot to market to prospects based on actions taken by them. 

  • Quick and Precise Content

Great email is always packed up with quick and short messages to regain the interest of users. After all, people are mostly lazy and tend to choose the action that requires the least energy. 

So, mention your message in the beginning and then build a persuasive argument around it. 

  •  Add a Call To Action

This could be very frustrating for a user if you tell them to do something and not to specify. So, make it clear in your emails by adding a call-to-action for your readers. 

A call to action can be a direct button or link that directs users to check out on a specific page to buy the product. This would also increase the engagement on your website. 

  • Proofread

Proofreading your emails will help you to identify spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, or any other issue that can cause your email subscriber to delete as soon as they open. 

Rework your email until it is perfect. Spelling and grammar mistakes present unprofessionalism to the users. 

  • Relevant Subject Line

Your email should have a strong and relevant subject line that should give an idea and create urgency for opening your email. As per the Radicati Group report, an average corporate user sends & receives 115 emails every day.

So, with that number, a larger portion of emails either end up in a spam or junk box and never get opened. Also, your email subject line should meet the expectation of the user.

  • Using Professional Language

Never use “do not reply” in your language. Just imagine, will you ever like to do business with a company that says, “If you have any issue, don’t contact me again”?

This can alienate the reader’s interest in your emails. Also, never send emails too frequently pitching about the products that you want to sell. Users will start unsubscribing. 

So, deliver valuable content that excites the users every time for a better response rate. 

  • Use Professional Templates

Use a professional template for marketing your email. Using a relevant and branded email template creates a good impression and trust factor for your clients. 

Before sending an email, test the template to ensure it works for all your online readers. 

  •  Be Persuasive

Mention the best offer that can compel the user to open your email. If your email has offered 2% off or coupons to avail, your users will get attracted to buying or exploring more about that product or service. 

Always remember to offer value and knowledge to the readers to gain up their trust factor. You can also share your testimonials or refer to something that they will benefit from.

  • Testing Before Sending

Test your email for different devices and clients such as Ios devices and Microsoft outlook. According to Econsultancy, 41% of emails are opened on mobile devices and tablets, with a decline in laptops or desktops.

Make sure the things are getting delivered on all platforms and clients properly.

  • Mention Your Most-Loved and Newest Products

Suppose you know that your email subscribers already love your product or company. So, you can use the product launch campaign. An email with high-quality images and detailed content will inspire your subscribers for inquiries on it. 

Always include enough information to get people excited and leave a small room for an open discussion for most of the responses. 

  •  List Segmentation

Email segmentation helps to improve the overall performance of your email campaign. Also, targeting the right customer will generate a high response and you will know about the interest and engagement from them.

Do you know email segmentation can bring an increase in revenue to 760%? All you have to do is collect information from your subscribers first. Use surveys and feedback and render them with a better email experience. 

Wrapping Up

Well, no one likes to read a stuffy newsletter or a fluffy email. So, while sending up an email make sure your email should be personalized for the person to whom you are sending. 

The last thing to remember is to value your subscribers. Engage with them even if they ask a simple question in emails. This will lead to a high response rate with much more conversions for your business. 

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12 Email Marketing Hacks To Increase Your Response Rate


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