11 Tips for Making eCommerce Explainer Videos

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11 Tips for Making eCommerce Explainer Videos

The e-commerce world is displacing the old buying and selling methods on marketplaces. Instead, E-commerce allows customers to buy any goods purchased over the internet. This is where people can buy and sell both goods and services.

Explainer videos are an excellent approach to engage and familiarise potential customers with your product.

Because of the digital nature of both explainer videos and e-commerce, enterprises work hand-in-hand. In addition, an explainer video is an excellent marketing tool for demonstrating how your e-commerce company operates.

A well-produced explainer video has numerous advantages. E-commerce businesses can use explanatory videos can be used to:

  • It can increase conversions 
  • Customer involvement is enhanced.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Boost brand recognition.

Tips for making e-commerce explainer videos

  • Plan the video 

It is essential to plan the video to understand what you will communicate clearly. While doing an explainer video for any e-commerce business, there needs to be a proper structure. 

A good video has 4 components: Problem, Solution, Relevant Details, and CTA. The video should highlight the problem faced by your target audience. 

Then you may offer them your product/service as a solution and include a few relevant details of the same. The video should also have something that prompts your customers to take action. 

  • Shorter the video, the more the views! 

People tend to skip or skim through the longer videos. Shorter videos will engage 77% of their viewers, and after 2 minutes, only 47% of viewers stay on the video. 

The primary purpose is to hook the audience to your product/service. Short explainer videos provide you with greater leeway to make focussed, relatable videos that get right to the point. 

  • Script is everything

A well-crafted script lays the foundation of an explainer video. It should be easy to understand and, therefore, straightforward. 

It should address what problem of your target audience you are providing a solution to. Moreover, by pointing out the benefits or the factors that set your product or service, you address the competition in the market. 

However, the script will be incomplete without adding a Call-to-Action (CTA). To avail of your services or products, who and where to contact should also be mentioned. 

As mentioned above, the best videos are short, so the script needs to be cut down accordingly to be concise. In short, keep the script to the point!

  • Use the right words.

Using the right words is the key to engaging your audience with the video and turning them into customers. 

The 2Ps – Persuasive and Positive – words are essential to attract leads. Incorporating many different yet straightforward words can help persuade the audience to take action. In addition, using a positive tone is important because negative sentences may degrade the marketing of your product.

  • Benefits over features

There may be a desire to highlight as many features as possible if you have a new product or service. Customers, on the other hand, are more concerned with the benefits.

Instead of detailing technical details that your audience may find uninteresting unless they are specialists, it is always better to explain how your product or service will benefit them. 

  • Make explainer videos that sell an emotion.

Big brands do not sell products and services. They are in the business of selling emotions and feelings. People are easily persuaded by their feelings while purchasing a product or service. Customers’ interest is aroused when explainer videos are used for marketing a product or service.

  • Audio is a priority.

Professional voiceovers can increase efficiency by adding an engaging human touch to explainer videos. However, to tie everything together and elicit particular feelings in your customers, you’ll need a professional narrator voice.

Furthermore, the audio quality is equally important. Videos that lack audio quality can be a significant disadvantage when drawing the audience’s attention. 

  • Include videos on your website

Including the video on your website is a great way to draw attention to it. On their homepage/landing page, most businesses like to put the video front and center. It should blend in with your brand and content no matter where it is displayed.

  • Make relatable videos

Relatable explainer videos are essential as they grab the attention of the audience. The greater the relatability, the more are the chances for more excellent conversion rates. 

The video can be made in such a way that it discusses how people feel when confronted with challenges. Because it tends to target their audience’s own experiences, being relatable is a significant advantage for businesses. 

A relatable explainer video for e-commerce will allow the customers to think of their times in those situations. This will make it easier to build the need to avail your product or service in your audience. Additionally, the audience can relate to the video they are seeing, which keeps them interested.

  • Add visuals that align with your brand/ business.

It is crucial to have a refined narration and professional-looking visuals. Visuals that help convey the tale and complement the audio are essential.

A compelling explainer video is a suitable image to match with the audio. However, there must be a balance between the two.

Moreover, the visuals and images should align with the tone and style of your brand. This includes choosing the colors and fonts that go with the brand. 

  • Call for Actions

The essential goal of the CTA is to guarantee that when those who view the video are ready to book, buy, or convert in some other way, the next step is evident.

A CTA is essential, whether it is a long or short explainer video for your e-commerce business. 

Wrapping Up!

If you run an e-commerce business, an explainer video can benefit your marketing initiatives.

In the e-commerce market, explainer videos are a big hit. An explainer video might be a quick way to capture attention when the world moves online and becomes highly busy.

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11 Tips for Making eCommerce Explainer Videos

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