11 Advertising Strategies For Boosting Restaurant Sales

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11 Advertising Strategies For Boosting Restaurant Sales

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As a restaurant owner, you will face different challenges daily. From handling customer escalations to putting so much effort into minimizing stock and inventory waste, there are many things in your mind. And when you add coming up with advertising strategies to boost your sales in the mix, it all just feels very overwhelming. 

Fortunately, there are multiple advertising tactics to boost sales at your restaurant, all of which fall under these three objectives: 

  1. Attract new customers 
  2. Persuade existing customers to visit your establishment more frequently, and
  3. Encourage customers to spend more 

11 Advertising Strategies For Boosting Restaurant Sales

Let’s take a closer look at the advertising strategies under each objective. 

Attract New Customers 

  • Create & Maintain A Social Media Presence 

Your food is your main selling point, so flaunt it! A cost-effective strategy to market your business is to post photos of your dishes at least once a day or as consistently as you can. Apart from being aesthetically appealing to social media users, they are more likely to be shared, exposing your restaurant to new clients.

While Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are staples, you can experiment with TikTok to capture a younger audience. Don’t forget to take advantage of your following by linking to your direct bookings and online ordering landing pages in your profile’s about section or bio. 

  • Prioritize Your Local SEO 

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is improving your local restaurant website to rank high on Google pages for keywords related to your location that local consumers will look for, like “best pizza near me.” 

Local SEO can’t be done overnight, but the effort you’ll put into it will pay off. When people see your restaurant at the top of Google or other search engines, it will be hard to ignore your business. 

  • Keep Your Google My Business Profile Up To Date 

Don’t underestimate the power of local listings! A complete Google My Business or Yelp profile might help you catch potential customers’ attention, especially if they are in a rush. Keeping your restaurant listing thorough and precise is crucial because it is easy for potential consumers to do another search if you lack the information they need.

  • Run Targeted Ads 

Typically, the majority of restaurant patrons reside within walking distance of the establishment. That’s why geo-targeted online ads on Google are an excellent technique to reach relevant potential customers. In addition, you may target people based on their city of residence or zip code on most major online advertising platforms.

Aside from Google Ads, you can also look into social media ads, specifically on Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Partner with Influencers 

More and more businesses are turning to influencer partnerships—for a good reason! When referrals come from people rather than corporations, they are more effective.

Please find the most popular internet influencers in your region and offer them a complimentary dinner or a gift card to the restaurant. They’ll come to your restaurant, tell their friends about their experience, and urge others to come. 

Persuade Existing Customers 

  • Offer Discounts and Promos 

Promotions and discounts never fail! If you don’t have one, now’s the best time to launch a loyalty program. Create a reward scheme for repeat customers by rewarding them with various prizes for returning to your restaurant regularly or telling their friends about it. 

You can also try offering birthday discounts to attract customers and show them how much you appreciate them. Furthermore, when they use their discount, they’ll likely be joined by others, who may become repeat customers.

  • Introduce Online Ordering

Add an online ordering revenue stream to your restaurant if you haven’t yet. Quick tip regarding online ordering: try not to rely only on third-party delivery systems. They charge incredibly high fees and won’t provide access to your customer’s information.

Instead, you can opt for commission-free, direct ordering. This eliminates per-order costs, prevents missing phone orders, and generates revenue from customers who don’t feel like dining in.

  • Cross-Promote! 

Increase repeat business by cross-selling delivery to your dine-in customers and reserving a table for your delivery diners. 

Offer clients who regularly dine at your restaurant a discount code for their first order if they order online. For pickup and delivery customers, you can encourage them to make reservations by sending them upgrades via email. Think free drinks 

or menu items the next time they visit your restaurant. 

Encourage Customers To Spend More 

  • Upsell Add-Ons 

One way to encourage your customers to spend a little more while dining at your restaurant is to train your front-of-house staff to recommend drinks, appetizers, desserts, and side dishes. Upselling in quick-service restaurants might include asking customers whether they want to upgrade from a small to a big drink.

You can do this for delivery and pickup orders as well. Configure your online ordering platform to suggest add-ons complimenting the items in their cart. 

  • Sell Merchandise 

Does your restaurant have a cult following situation going on? Why not sell merch? 

Make items with your restaurant’s logo on them. The sky’s the limit when it comes to selling t-shirts, water bottles, aprons, booklets, and even canned versions of your famous sauce. Sell your products at your restaurant and online as an add-on to takeout orders. 

  • Organize Special Experiences 

Let your creativity shine from time to time! Push the boundaries of traditional dining by providing visitors with unforgettable experiences. 

Organize unique experiences, such as chef’s tables, kitchen tour packages, dining with live jazz music, and more, and charge a premium for them. 

Boost Sales With Creative & Fool-Proof Advertising Strategies 

We know it’s not simple to develop a thorough marketing plan for your restaurant business. You must understand your regulars’ and potential customers’ desires, among many other things. This may seem daunting sometimes, but establishing your business is well worth the effort! Time spent on marketing efforts is spent bringing hungry customers through the door.

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11 Advertising Strategies For Boosting Restaurant Sales

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