10 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2021
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10 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2021

Since its inception, when it resulted in a colossal $13 million worth of sales, email marketing has launched itself as one of the most effective channels for direct marketing.

Today, email marketing still has a staggering ROI of 3800%, meaning that it’s still as effective as ever. The only thing about email that keeps changing is the marketing strategies.

What may have worked five years ago will not work today, so the trick is to change your strategies, not abandon email marketing altogether. Would you believe that email marketing outperforms all other online marketing techniques, including PPC, content marketing, and SEO? It remains the most cost-effective way to reach out to customers because, for every $1 spent, you can expect as much as $41 back.

Quite impressive, right?

So, the ultimate question: How do you conquer email marketing and improve your email marketing campaigns in 2021? This is precisely what we’ll address in this post, and we’ll look at ten comprehensive tricks to help you achieve that goal.

  1. Personalize Your Email Messages

Personalization has become the forte of email marketing. To begin with, your emails should not start with “Dear Customer,” and if they do, you need to start addressing all your customers with their names.

Using the reader’s names to address them will especially improve your email marketing campaigns significantly. When making purchase suggestions, base it on their shopping history or their research so you can enhance customers’ experience.

When they feel that you’re thinking about their needs, they become more engaged and are more inclined to follow up with your CTA. Go a step further and use a real signature and reply-to address because a do-not-reply address will take away the authenticity of your message.

  1. Use Behavioral-Based Segmentation

If you’re not already doing it, you need to ensure that your emails are highly targeted and relevant to your customers. Segmentation has become a critical part of email marketing because email campaigns become more targeted to the audience. You see, not all of your subscribers are after the same thing.

Instead of sending generic messages to everyone, you should send messages to those they are most relevant to. That is segmentation, and when you utilize it on your email campaigns, you get better conversion rates, leads, revenue, transactions, and ROI. For it to work, segment your customers by industry, company size, and sales cycle.

  1. Send Out Mobile-Friendly Emails

As much as 60% of all marketing emails are opened on mobile devices. Most people check their phones for messages, calls, and emails as soon as they wake up, and when your emails are not responsive, you’ll be missing out. Your customers will either delete or unsubscribe.

Even if they don’t, you can be sure they won’t open or read them, which beats the purpose of sending them. The most important thing to do here is to ensure you implement a responsive email design. Also, use short subject lines and pre-headers, and make your CTAs large and noticeable, regardless of the screen size.

  1. Test Your Design, Copy, and Buttons

The most significant benefit of testing is that it provides you with data that helps make practical decisions. It would be best if you kept testing various design layouts. Use different ones for announcements, product showcases, sharing blogs, or giving out stories.

The idea is to keep things interesting and make it seem new and engaging instead of boring and generic. Beyond that, you need to routinely test your subject lines, personalization, landing page, CTAs, messaging, sender’s name, and target audience. You can also test the from-address, HTML vs. plain-text campaigns, and long vs. short emails to see what works best.

  1. Use Dynamic Content

In this day and age, who has the timer to read through blocks of text? If you want to engage your customers, you need to spruce up your emails and use dynamic content.

Use videos, gifs, surveys, and interactive polls to keep things interesting. Be unique and send your customers holiday catalogs with links to personalized messages or embedded videos that will bring some sunshine into their lives.

  1. Make Your CTAs Clear

One of the major mistakes most email marketers make is not defining their calls to action. This leaves customers with no idea what to do, minimizing the conversion rates.

Whether you’re trying to get them to head to your website for more traffic, asking them to make a purchase, call, or fill a form, your intention needs to be clear. If your customers can’t determine what you want them to do, they will delete it or leave it at that even if they read your email.

  1. Invest in the Right Email Marketing Tools

As email marketing strategies evolve, so do the marketing tools, and you need to ensure you’re using the right ones. For instance, you can use an email list provider to automate lead generation, segmentation, and onboarding processes, making things easier for your campaign.

Of course, you have to choose the most effective tools for your marketing campaign. It’s vital to emphasize privacy in terms of data collection and privacy.

  1. Send Out Emails At the Right Time of Day

When it comes to email marketing, assuming that everyone opens their emails at a given time is a huge mistake. For instance, you may find lawyers open their emails early before 9 a.m., after which the opening rates decline significantly.

Also, keep time zones in mind and apply it to your segmentation strategy so you can reach all customers at the right time wherever they are. Beyond this, ensure that you send the right emails to the right people, which will prevent you from looking for ways to recall an email in Gmail.

  1. Update and Cleanse Your Email List Regularly

Most people don’t do this, but it’s essential to keep engagements and conversion rates higher. Maintain an updated email list and remove addresses that no longer engage your brand, or at the very least, try to lure them in again. Understand that almost half of your email subscribers are inactive.

Sending out email campaigns to customers who have no chance of opening will negatively impact your email delivery rates. Check what subscribers haven’t been active for at about 12 months and remove them from your list. Instead, place your focus on active customers and capturing new ones.

  1. Ask Customers for Feedback and Suggestions

The best way to provide what customers want is to ask them what they want. This email marketing strategy will involve customers, and you’ll get to understand their wants, needs, and opinions, placing you in a better position to offer personalized content. Ask for feedback regarding your content, your products, or your services, and inquire about what you can do to improve them.

Make the process easy for customers to give feedback because long forms and tedious surveys will not work. Instead, use checkboxes, radio buttons, multiple-choice options, and incentives for them to take a survey. Of course, you ask them directly, which will also work.

The Most Effective Email Marketing Tips for 2021

Your customers receive over 100 emails per day, so you need to implement this email marketing advice to stand out and avoid being a backburner. Use these email marketing tips to create engaging emails, boost conversions, and gain loyal customers.

Now that you know what to do about your email marketing, would you like to learn more about eCommerce? Please check out our blog section for insightful posts on social media, influencer marketing, digital media marketing, SEO, and more…

10 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2021

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