10 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Store

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Whether you’re starting up your E-commerce business or you’ve been in action for a while, whether your online sales seem fine or they seem risky, you’ve probably thought of ways to boost your E-commerce online figures and improve your online channels.

Most of the time, depending solely on promoting your products and services to get notable revenue is not enough. So here, we give you 10 strategic ways that enable you to enhance your E-commerce store:

  1. Work on improving your customers’ experience

Entrepreneurs realize that customer-focused strategies lead to positive results in the world of business. Dealing with customers as sovereign and taking good care of them help you retain them. Even more,  these happy customers might also recommend your site to other people. There are various ways to achieve this, including Having personalized customer service, refining their experience on your site, using demonstrative videos and images, and having strong and close communication with them.

  1. Work on creating and maintaining your brand awareness

You might be wondering whether a remarkable link between this and improving your online store exists or not. The answer is yes! The more people get to know about your brand, the more they get to trust you and purchase repetitively from your store, and eventually, this is how you will grow your sales.

You can create and maintain your brand awareness through different strategic tactics, including enhancing your offerings, working vigorously on your advertising and marketing campaigns, investing heavily in R&D, and ensuring having high-quality content on your web pages and get them SEO’d. Do not underestimate the importance of your strong presence on social media as well.

  1. Reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments

The most annoying thing for any online seller would be customers that abandon their shopping cart. Knowing that these people actually have had an interest in your products but for some reason, they have given it up is irritating. Thus, you need to detect the reasons behind that and correct them before it is too late. For example, some reasons for abandoning a shopping cart could be:

  • If it is not easy to find items
  • Lack of payment method options
  • If there is opposing information about prices or products themselves
  • If the site is slow or has some breakdowns and if it is not mobile-friendly
  1. Work on upgrading your shopping experience security

It is critical to ensure that your site is secure so customers will not worry about their personal information being hacked. Also, to help them feel safe about making payments. Thus, it remains vital to use world-class encryption systems to ensure that this is happening.

  1. Invest in testing your site and make sure it is error-free

Having an error-free and well-designed website or application is appealing to customers who are making their purchases online. However, you cannot ensure this is happening without investing time and effort to test that by yourself. Routine check for the links, typos, speed…etc. It would definitely help you overcome this issue. Also, having a solid feedback system enables you to see how others view your overall services, including their experience on your site.

There are plenty of sites that you could use to assess your site’s performance, such as Hotjar, where you can view insights about your site visitors’ experience as well as the most popular clicks you have on your site…etc.

  1. Direct attention to testimonials and reviews and encourage them

Customers tend to trust each other; this is the reason why e-word-of-mouth is vital to growing your business. Sometimes, people would not take your words only for it but would definitely prefer seeing it from another customer who had already purchased from you.

Looking at positive reviews is appealing for many people and would encourage them to make their purchase decisions. But, for all that, you should direct attention to testimonials and reviews and encourage your loyal customers to make some, whether it was classic written testimonials or even videos.

  1. Have brilliant marketing ideas and strategies and apply them

Nowadays, you should always follow trends and never be outdated to keep track of your online store. Life is changing rapidly, that you must try to turn all risks into opportunities. Pandemic and repetitive lockdowns have changed our purchasing behavior remarkably.

Therefore, as an E-commerce store, you probably have to think wisely about maximizing your opportunities by using astonishing new marketing ideas to attract new customers and retain yours. Moreover, make them purchase more.

  1. Make it easy to find you.

Yes, that is correct! You should make it easy to find you!

Have a strong presence online and on social media. Invest in paid ads, work on your SEO so people can find you easier on search engines. Get your teamwork on blogs, work on your backlinks, try to get mentioned in different sites where they speak about similar offerings as yours. Have an easy name to remember. In addition to that, make your marketing campaigns memorable.

  1. Be smart in placing your products and items.

As an entrepreneur, you should take a moment to understand how customers are thinking during their purchase process. Then, put yourself in their shoes and place your products and items accordingly. Try to figure out ways to encourage impulse buying to get people to purchase items they have not planned. Some examples for tactics would be:

  • You can push sales for a specific product by placing it in a self-explanatory, eye-catching location.
  • List your products with discounted prices on your homepage or pop-up notifications to suggest to people to buy them during the purchase process.
  • Create packages special prices of products that go best together
  1. Make your shipping a competitive advantage for you

Being an online business with no physical existence obliges you to make increasing efforts to make things right. But then, when it comes to delivery, it is like you are giving your business to others’ hands where you have no control over it. This can be risky because this would be the main physical contact with your customers. People who buy online tend to emphasize their delivery experience that would affect their future purchases. Therefore, you would not like to risk your business at this stage.

Also, things might get wrong, especially if you are dealing with multiple couriers and you need to manage them separately and manage your orders, track them….etc. Simultaneously. Thus, it is advisable to focus on what you do best, save time and money that you would lose, and get help from experts such as Courier API and total fulfillment to manage this integrated fulfillment, manage your orders, and label and tracking QR, and delivery.


Why accept declining or stagnant revenues while you can still boost your sales? Follow these tips to improve your E-commerce store. Benefit from other entrepreneurs’ experiences and employ the tactics mentioned above to enhance your online business. And always remember, you are in the business world to flourish, not to die.

Author’s name- Raneen Khaleel, Marketing and SEO specialist- Despatch Cloud

10 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Store

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