10 Ways to Attract New Customers To Your eCommerce Store

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10 Ways to Attract New Customers To Your eCommerce Store

In today’s world, most businesses are running online. Due to increased online shopping, most eCommerce stores moved their business online. Attracting new customers to your eCommerce store is always challenging, even though you are ready to implement many marketing strategies. 

The comfort and easy way of shopping at home make many customers visit eCommerce stores frequently. So have a seat, grab a cup of coffee, and let us guide you on the ten ways you can implement right now to attract more new customers to your online store.

Importance of New Customers 

The primary goal of attracting new customers to any business is to boost product sales. The drive for profits is why you see so many advertisements and promotional activities. Acquiring new customers enhances a company’s revenues and, thus, its profit margins. 

When you gain new customers, you gain their purchasing power as well. If you made lower profits before their arrival, you need not worry, as your margins would automatically increase with the new acquisition. New customers are an important reason to raise your brand awareness. 

Apart from revenues and sales, new customers will aid you in growing your eCommerce store. How so? Customers will, in one way or another, contribute to the success of your business through purchases, suggestions, feedback, and reviews.

Perfect Ways to Attract New Customers to your eCommerce Store

Attracting new customers to your eCommerce store isn’t tricky, especially if you know how to do so. So let’s look into various ways of attracting new customers. 

10 Ways to Attract New Customers To Your eCommerce Store

Loyalty Program 

Conducting Loyalty Programs is a fantastic way to gain more customers to your eCommerce store. For example, let’s say a customer is coming to your store and making their first purchase. In return for their investment, they expect a reward or coupon from you to make their next purchase. There are various ways to offer a loyalty program to attract new customers. 

Example: As soon as a new customer makes their first purchase, give them rewards or coupons, which they can use to redeem in their next purchase. Sometimes you can also provide new customers with free shipping on their first purchase, which will excite them to make more purchases at your store. Attract potential customers by sending them freebies on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, etc. 

The types mentioned above about loyalty programs are definitely worth giving a try! 

Referral Program

Are you wondering how a referral program will attract new customers to your store? Referral programs are one excellent way as nowadays, people trust the words of their friends or families more rather than the advertisement they watch on social media. Therefore, new customers acquired through a referral will be more loyal to your store and have a higher lifetime value. 

You need not worry about how this referral program works as your existing customer will do the work for you and bring their friends and families to your store. So, to retain the new customers, all you have to do is reward their first visit to your store. 

Example: Thank them for visiting your store and give them 20% off on their first purchase. 

Attractive Website

Make your eCommerce store’s website appealing and easy to use to attract new customers. Remember, an uncomplicated and easy-to-navigate website will attract more customers to your store. 

Customers usually prefer websites without unnecessary pop-ups. Too many pop-ups are considered a disturbance, and most people leave halfway without making a purchase. So, give your customer an outstanding shopping experience with your attractive eCommerce website. 

Your eCommerce website design should guide customers throughout their journey to purchase. Make it simple for customers to browse the shopping cart or product pages anywhere on your site and give them a smooth experience until they checkout. Your eCommerce store is undoubtedly a representation of your business; therefore, making your website good and appealing is the best. 

Social Media

Social media and eCommerce websites are a perfect fit. It is one of the most acceptable ways to gain interest and strategy to attract online customers. You can build profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Additionally, you have to post your products with adorable captions consistently. 

If you want things to run fast and effectively, you can even pay influencers to promote your products on their pages. Those influencers you pay will make a video with your product and post it on their page with attractive captions. It will create a huge impact on the audience. It’s the new trend people are following these days. 

Creative Advertisements

Running creative advertisements for your eCommerce store is essential. You can promote your ad through social media or emails; your promotions must be colorful and convey a powerful message. In addition, use simple and effective CTA to reach new customers. 

Example: When a new product launches, take attractive pictures of those products and advertise the same via social media or emails. On the other hand, you can send unique advertisement cards to each customer. Also, use perfect timing for advertising your product. Usually, advertising during the holiday season works efficiently. 

Online advertising will play a crucial role in the success of your eCommerce store. You can also make a video of your products and send it to your customers. Also, ensure to advertise in the language your customer prefers.

Personalized Messages 

Crafting the perfect personalized messages is essential in attracting new customers. As we all know, sending messages begins at the very first moment; the first impression is the best. Try sending eye-catching messages to reach out to more people. 

Example: We’re so happy to have you on our website. Unlock the 25% offer at your sign-up. 

Personalization makes customers feel valued and improves their shopping experience, and it’s the key to bringing your potential customers to your doorstep. Nowadays, people not only open messages but have started responding to them. So, greet them in the best way possible. 

Create a blog

Creating great content for customers looking to buy your product is an intelligent approach to driving traffic to your site. People usually read blogs before purchasing any product. So, ensure your blog is relevant to your store and carries all the necessary product information. 

Promoting products through blogging is ongoing because content may be posted and shared on the website and drives traffic through search engines. In addition, adding graphics to your blogs, such as charts and videos, is easy to make your content more superficial and more fascinating for your visitors.

Example: Don’t know what to write on a blog? Compile a list of the frequently asked queries by purchasers or create content based on your products launched. Then, create content addressing these concerns so buyers can return to them when they face new challenges.

Ensure Good Product Reviews

Not only will your brand’s reputation of your store attract new visitors to make a purchase, but the brand of your product is also equally important.

Example: People will choose a product with ten positive comments rather than one with no comments. As a result, you must encourage your existing customers to submit reviews or rate the products, which would undoubtedly result in more sales.

Customer Support 

Never forget to engage your customers at any time they seek your help. Clearing queries and doubts spontaneously will attract new customers and make them realize their questions are heard and valued. Remember, there is no best way to promote your product than a satisfied customer. 

Most customers don’t make their purchases if they don’t get the correct answers to their queries. So use AI bots to respond to customers’ messages as soon as possible. 

Run a Competition 

Running a competition or giveaway is one of the most efficient ways to alert and attract new customers to your store. Running competitions are an excellent way to increase online engagement and encourage your audience to interact with your business. They’re also a clever technique to build the email list of your customers in exchange for a gift.

In the email, offer a significant discount, free shipping, or any offer for their first purchase from your store. It will attract online customers to visit your website at the bare minimum.


Thinking of various ways to attract new customers to your online store might be a tricky task to tackle. However, in the ever-increasingly competitive online business world, you must keep ahead of your competitors by utilizing every weapon inside your inventory effectively.

However, if you break down your marketing strategy into bite-sized bits, approach each with excitement and competence, and provide a fantastic product, you will surely succeed. 

Let’s hope that with the help of these ten ways to attract new customers, your eCommerce store will flourish and remain a great eCommerce store to buy.

10 Ways to Attract New Customers To Your eCommerce Store

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