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10 Ways Big Data has Revolutionized Marketing and Sales

Over the course of the last few years, big data has completely revolutionized marketing and sales strategies for all kinds of businesses.

Marketers have started using big data analysis and insights to make decisions, enabling them to create better products and services.

10 Ways Big Data has Revolutionized Marketing and Sales

Three out of five marketing experts believe that failure to use big data can lead to obsolescence. John Brahim, head of global practice for Capgemini Insights and Data stresses the importance of big data in the following words;

 “We have reached an inflection point in the market. Information is at the heart of every business decision, and companies need to fully embrace the opportunities of big data or risk losing out in the marketplace. Every enterprise must now define a path to become an insight-driven business.”

Big data tools and technology can reveal unknown facts to marketers. This is why most data-friendly companies are implementing it seriously. And why not? Not only does it provide a 360-degree view of customer insights, but also helps to make relevant marketing and sales strategies.

With so many benefits like visibility, predictability, and flexibility – it is hard to ignore the impact big data has on all kinds of businesses.

When big data is combined with analytics, it creates a powerful combination that impacts pricing, content marketing, and customer relationship management. What is even more exciting is that now there are many opportunities for small and medium-sized brands to use big data to their advantage. Let us take a look at 10 ways in which big data has revolutionized marketing and sales.

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1- Helping marketers understand customers in a better way

Previously, marketers used to rely on their instincts when it came to understanding their customers. Even if traditional data-driven methodologies were used, the methods were so slow that the results were outdated by the time they reached the marketing teams.

Big data tools have made it easier for marketing experts to create customer persona, conduct market research and implement customer feedback in a much better way.

Big data can be used effectively to reveal customer behavior patterns, enabling marketers to come up with better strategies to reach out to them.

2- Allowing marketers to redirect their attention from campaigns to customers

As mentioned above, big data provides marketers with better insights into their customers’ preferences. Thus, enabling them to come up with holistic marketing strategies that are ‘customer-focused’ instead of ‘campaign-focused.’

The relationship between a brand and its customers holds the utmost importance. This is why strategies now directed towards developing better customer relationships that drive trust, increase conversions and brand loyalty.

3- Offering personalized customer experiences

Big data has provided marketers with the ability to collect and analyze cross-channel marketing data. Hence, providing them with an opportunity to be extremely responsive to their customers’ needs.

Many companies are using big data to create personalized customer experiences while shopping online. This experience can almost resemble an interaction that would happen in a brick and mortar location.

With so much data at our fingertips, it has become easier for marketing analysists to understand the social behaviors of their customers. And that’s why they can predict what kind of products and services will make customers tick.

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4- Creating a huge impact on SEO

Big data is also being used to drive marketing efforts in all directions, including search engine optimization. Google and other search engines are always concerned about transforming content into quantifiable data, making it easier for marketers to find insights from their customers’ previous searches.

Thanks to big data and seo audit tools, it is easier to keep track of keywords, on-page optimization, backlinks and content marketing.

5- Coming up with better sales forecasting

Almost every business in the world faces this challenge; what to sell and when to launch a new product or service.

Big data has made it easier for marketers to provide better and relevant sales forecast. Not only does big data help them create products that customers will love, but also helps them reach out to their most motivated customers when the time comes.

6- Providing an edge over their competitors

Previously big data was used by companies that had the workforce and financial resources to collect data manually.

But with the advent of so many big data tools, it has become possible for companies of all sizes to use data to their advantage.

Regardless of the size of a business, companies that use big data will have a big competitive advantage compared to those who aren’t.

7- Helping the sales team identify high-value leads

A good sales pitch doesn’t have to rely on your gut feeling anymore.

Your sales team can now create a pitch backed by hard data and insights. Big data makes it easier for a salesperson to identify the likes of the customer, hence providing them with more opportunities to convert leads into conversions. It also saves time in deciding which leads are most likely to become fruitful in the future.

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Thanks to affordable cloud storage, big data is becoming easily accessible to everyone. There are hundreds of big data and analysis tools to choose from and no technical knowledge is required to use them.

All forward-thinking entrepreneurs are using them to their benefit. Big data is helping businesses keep their sales teams well informed, create content that drives conversions, improve SEO and move ahead of their competitors who are still unaware of the vast potential of big data.

As Jason Hartman of the Hartman Foundation summarized perfectly;

 “Any upcoming entrepreneur needs to recognize the value of big data. At first, it is messy and complicated. However, once new brands embrace data, they have unlocked their potential.”

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10 Ways Big Data has Revolutionized Marketing and Sales

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