Types of Content Created By Digital Marketers
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10 Types of Content Created By Digital Marketers

Digital content could be in the form of written content, images, music, and videos that can be seen online through social media and websites. In short, it is associated with anything you see over the internet across different platforms. 

Content is widely used on the internet as it is the only way to keep people informed of the latest trends, issues, and concerns. If you own a business, digital content will help you market your products and services, increase people’s awareness of your brand, and expand your reach to audiences. 

Digital marketers utilize content to help grow businesses or organizations, and even themselves as individuals who want to establish their digital footprint and build their authority. Here are some more of the benefits of content in marketing:

10 Types of Content Created By Digital Marketers
10 Types of Content Created By Digital Marketers

4 Benefits of Content in Marketing

1. You can create and upgrade your connections

Connection is the key to a successful business, and to achieve that, digital content is the answer. The Internet is everywhere; it can be in malls, restaurants, hotels, schools, and all over public places. Moreover, being digital nowadays compared to the traditional is more efficient.

2. You can attract more customers

If you are in line with businesses such as eCommerce, then having digital media should not be your second option. You can easily persuade more customers through this advanced and easy communication through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Not only communication, but it’s a way of bringing them to your prospective offers and products with less hassle.

3. You can provide education

Certainly, having a profitable business is good for the entrepreneurs; however, on the side of the readers or your customers, digital content will help them to be educated on their desired products and services. This tool can protect your customers from the possible effect of the products or services you might bring to them. Proper education must be brought up before considering the business profit.

4. You can improve your reputation as a business or individual

Aside from promotions, a business must have a good and maintained reputation. Having digital content will help your business to look not only at profitability but also at quality. If your customers find or read your content as interesting and educational, then the infinite flow of traffic and customers will be the domino effect of this method.

With this cited importance of having digital content, we can now conclude that this technique is very useful to be on the edge of the success of your business. So now, let us talk about the types of content created by Digital Marketers.

10 Types of Content Created By Digital Marketers
10 Types of Content Created By Digital Marketers

10 Types of Content Created By Digital Marketers

1. E-Books

An e-book is an electronic book usually in the form of a PDF file containing text and pictures published electronically, just like a printed book. However, unlike the traditional printed book we always carry in our bags, readers can now easily access their favorite books online. This digital material can be sent through emails and downloaded over many websites. Last 2013, there were over 512 Million EBooks sold in the United States of America, and it spread all over the world on how these kinds of digital books can be more helpful to the readers and your customers due to their comfy access.

2. Blogs

It is a form of an online content journal that is being maintained or controlled by an individual or small group of people. It is mostly written in an informal or conversational style approach. This content type is usually updated regularly to engage with your site visitors, who can be your future customers. Blogging keeps your clients updated, creating more interaction between the Blogger and the Subscribers.

Mostly, especially for listicles, blog content is arranged in reverse chronological order, meaning the recent or newer content appears first. Blogs can also be categorized in two ways: first, as long-form blogs containing about 2000 –  3500 words; on the other hand, short blogs would only contain at least 1000-1500 words. Short blog content is easier to write. However, it might not be advisable in SEO.

3. Video

If you are familiar with YouTube vlogging, that is the best example of Video Digital Content. This type of audio-visual media will engage you to have more viewers, especially if the topic of your video content is interesting and trending. This can be in the form of short films, movies, cinematographic videos, and more. It is recorded through your camera with a twist of good angle transitions and cool captured effects. Other forms of this content marketing include animations, live videos, recorded presentations or webinars, product commercials, and product reviews and testimonials. In addition, this can significantly help your business to grow more through recommendations and endorsements.

4. Infographics

From the word itself, infographics are a form of digital media that embodies information through a graphical presentation. If you are going to create content marketing, it is recommended that you will use simple yet convincing infographics. Creative graphic elements will make your dull data into more appealing data. Imagine you are presenting in front of your target customers, yet your data is only composed of dry text and numbers; see how dreary your viewers will also interact or respond to your presentation. Good infographics should blend the text color, text size, and font style in connection with your topic to be discussed or shown to your target viewers. Also, for your content to be better-looking, you can add some symbols or elements like borders and logos. I’m sure your audience will be amazed and create more traffic to your online market.

5. Audio

Audio content is very important in videos or endorsements of your customers’ products and services. They can listen to what your product is all about and might get interested in purchasing your offer from them. Audio online marketing comes in many forms, such as music streaming and simulcasting AM/FM. The best digital content example for this is YouTube Music and Spotify, where you can find a variety of music and sound effects that you can listen to. Usually, an audio format can be in the form of MP3, WAV, and WMA. Expanding your viewers through this type of content marketing can help your goal of good SEO and effective profit.

6. Images

An image is a picture that comes through photographs. As we ascend to get along with the technology, images or pictures can be printed instantly through our smartphones and innovative cameras; compared to before, we have to use heavy cameras, print negative films, and go to photoshops to print those captured moments. 

Undeniably, capturing special moments nowadays is very addictive, so one of the best content marketing strategies is to use such high-quality photos or images. One example is the Pixabay site, which offers free downloadable images, vector graphics, and illustrations for your content. You read it right! It is free to use; no cents are needed. Another digital content example is the Freepik website, which offers huge collections of stock photos that are useful for those who want to create online content blogs. 

7. Social Media Content

Certainly, who among us doesn’t have any social media accounts? Social Media has transcended many business firms to communicate with their customers and publicize their products through these platforms.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used a lot to promote business, and content is needed. In addition, you can make your social media marketing more engaging if you will maintain the regular posting of pictures, videos, and related information about your products. This will help your online community grow and boost your product’s reputation.

Another tip is the stable responsiveness of your social media page, specifically on the comments section and shares of your viewers. If they find out your page is responsive, rest assured that this will help your business grow and be more trustworthy.

8. Podcasts

Many of us are not yet familiar with podcasts. This type of digital media comes from the series of Digital Audio Files. Usually, it is hosted by individuals who share their stories, advice, and even sharing the latest updates or current events in our society. A podcast’s main objective is to entertain and advise listeners. Different genres of each podcast episode can be downloaded or listened to over the Internet. A good introduction should be prepared to make your podcast more entertaining, or else your target listeners might unsubscribe and discontinue patronage of your podcast series.

9. Memes

A meme is a video or image representing your cultural idea or information related to your beliefs and phrases. On Facebook, many memes are being published and posted where it creates humor for the readers. Many viral short videos also are considered memes, where web traffic is fascinating to happen. The concept is to have fun marketing to make your product line a famous yet productive way to increase SEO.

10. Testimonial and Reviews

This is one of the most effective ways to get your market up. This platform can help marketers know their customers’ viewpoints. This can be in the form of videos and blogs. Through this technique, innovations and further developments of the endorsed products and services can be done. However, it is expected that this might have a disadvantage since some might give you negative feedback on your products. On the other hand, this advantage will expand your market, and you can broaden your knowledge about your competitors.

Testimonial and Reviews
Testimonial and Reviews


Indeed, these content marketing strategies can be as useful as businesses’ mission and vision toward their goals and target profit. Not only in the quantitative aspect, but the biggest advantage is that you can reach your customers digitally to engage, have fun, and, most of all, support your business’s stability and growth. The above items are only some tactics that can be used; however, as time goes by and technology ascends, other approaches might be discovered.

Miguel Davao is a content writer focused particularly on social media, photography, design, and tips about content writing. 

He works as a full-time writer at Removal.AI – an AI tool that removes bg from images for social media, eCommerce, web, and app development.

10 Types of Content Created By Digital Marketers

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