10 Tips to Achieve Your Business Resolutions

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10 Tips to Achieve Your Business Resolutions

Ten tips to achieve your business resolutions this year

All the resolution-crazy individuals are pouring into CrossFit gyms, while kale sales are skyrocketing. It’s the beginning of the year, which is, of course, the official time for all of our good intentions.

However, resolutions are not just for your health. A new year for entrepreneurs may be the incentive that you need to refresh your business. What mistakes did you make in 2021? What lessons can you learn from these experiences? Use the new year to reboot and as a chance to start over in 2022 and get things right.

Define Success

Make sure that the resolutions that you make are meaningful and measurable. Running a pop-up shop may have been on your 2017 list, but how can you measure whether it was successful or not? Having a lemonade stand in your front yard does technically qualify. However, I am assuming that isn’t what you mean. Revise the wording in your resolutions and add measurable specifics into them: Run an X pop-shop and sell X by X.

Break it Up

Your resolutions can be digested more efficiently by cutting your large goals up into bite-sized pieces. So, if you resolve to quit your day job in 2022, then break this up into small steps. Perhaps your January goal will be to get your budget established, source a product, and get your online store set up. Every month needs to be broken up into more manageable (yet ambitious and scary) tasks, culminating in turning in your resignation letter in December.

Write it Down

When it comes to making lists, I like using pen and paper. My iPhone still hasn’t given me the satisfaction of cross-completed tasks off my list. Maybe the whiteboard is your favorite medium, or perhaps reminders on a Google calendar will do it for you. Several great task apps are available as well.

Tips to Achieve Your Business Resolutions
Tips to Achieve Your Business Resolutions

Use apps to help you stay on track.

Pomodoro Timer can be used for procrastination, Rescue Time for productivity and focus, Trello for planning and tracking, Zzpier to clone yourself, Any.DO for your lists, CARROT Fit or MyFitnessPal to work your butt, or Mint for Money. The list goes on and on.

Check the Shopify App Store to find even more tools to help you with your business.

Make it a Habit

It’s hard to break a bad habit, and it can be very difficult to form the good ones. The steps needed and time can vary greatly for every habit and person. So if you have a resolution of wanting to stay on track with your expenses, then your success might rely on you forming some new habits. You may want to consider adding a habit into your morning routine, setting a reminder up, or getting help from a tool like Pavlok or an app like Habitlist.

Crowdsource Your Motivation

The word team has no “i” in it! You can apply the gym-buddy item to any resolution. When you get someone else involved in the process, another level of accountability is added and provides you with extra inspiration after running out of your own. Try finding a mentor, joining an online entrepreneur community, or using Stickk or another similar app.

Stay Energized

The personal resolutions that you have can support your business-related ones. For example, if you have “go to the gym on your 2018 list, then your brain will be helped in addition to your physique. Exercising regularly will provide you with more energy to get things done along with brainpower so that you can make smarter and quicker decisions.

Treat Yourself

Getting dessert after you finish dinner is the oldest motivational technique around. I am using this tactic right now: once I finish writing this article, I will surf Pinterest for 20 minutes.

Bonus: trying using a “mindful” respite by playing video games, adult coloring, or yoga. Mindful activities cannot only reward your progress but can also help with sleep and stress.

Walk Hard

To gain perspective and clarity, step away from demanding projects.

Hold Yourself Accountable

It can be hard to do this. Share your resolutions with someone. There is a much greater chance of following through with them when you make them publicly.

Your brand new New Balance trainers might be wasting away inside of your closet, but after failing last year at self-improvement. But it’s a new year and a new chance to improve. Resolve with wild abandon!

Author Bio: Courtney C. Martin is a freelance digital marketing specialist for Toronto’s custom web design agency. She helps eCommerce enterprises with search engine optimization strategies that increase conversions and generate revenue.

10 Tips to Achieve Your Business Resolutions

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