10 SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic

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10 SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic

Increasing organic traffic is one of the biggest deals you must focus on when trying to improve your customer base. Some chosen SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic will help your brand name get the idea and coverage it deserves. Is this your first time looking for SEO strategies to help improve your organic traffic and get that to the next level? If the answer is yes, then make sure to read till the end of the post and get some ideas covered.

10 SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic

Keywords and search intent

In the last couple of years, keyword strategy has changed big time. Even though having target keywords or phrases is always vital for your posts and pages, it is different where you will put them and how the search engines will end up using them.

Repeating the same phrase repeatedly is not the utmost SEO Strategy to Increase Organic Traffic anymore. Search engines now assess search intent and can understand casual conversation and synonyms.

Quality, consistency, and E-A-T

Search engines are always looking for top-notch quality content these days. With the “helpful content update” in September 2022, the focus was on rewarding sites with premium quality content to help out the audience big time. As a result, sites publish new and attractive content regularly to outrank the static sites, which will never publish new content, or rarely does that!

User experience

Google is trusted worldwide for delivering relevant results in no time! So, Google places some weight on higher-quality websites. It wants people to get satisfied. So, under all the SEO techniques and tools available in the market, focusing on fast and secure websites with error-free pages is a big deal.

The chosen page will have great grammar and easily readable options. It should be able to deliver top-notch content to answer the queries listed here. You will learn everything from the Google Analytics dashboard here.

Security and technical SEO

Site security is one object that you cannot miss out on. Google doesn’t want to send people to websites that might compromise the data. So, most browsers will provide visitors with a warning in case the site is unsafe to use.

Sites with various broken pages, loops, and redirect chains and with site code issues are not subject to rank that well.


If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are losing out on many important clients and customers. To answer How to increase SEO traffic, your site must render well on multiple devices. There should be easily readable text and buttons, which can be tapped or clicked with minimal effort.

Link structure

How well the search engines will E-A-T will be determined with the help of the links around here. So in case you are taking the stand to increase the search traffic, improving the link structure after understanding it is one vital way to do that. There are mainly three different forms of links for you to analyze.

The valuable one among the lot will be the backlinks. These are links from other websites pointing toward your own. It helps your posts and pages to get featured on higher-quality websites.

Image optimization

Most of the time, people often overlook the image optimization platform. Yet, it can otherwise provide your website with a competitive edge. All you need to work on are the files, which are correctly sized and with the optimized attributes by your side.

Make sure to rename the images from the default file time, including dealing with the focus keywords. You can add the ALT text to every image, including keywords, to make sense of the final frame.

NAP and local SEO

Local SEO services from the top-notch SEO company in Mumbai have their rounds to play. Your brand should compete against others to be within the “near me” searches and to enjoy the local pack. If you run a retail outlet and are willing to increase the search traffic, you must opt for a solid local SEO.

You must claim business listings like Yelp, Google Business, and more. In addition, you must ensure that your name, phone number, and address are 100% accurate in multiple online listings, add some extra citations to get businesses listed in local apps and directories, and so much more.

Social signals

Social signals can be targeted to be the information procured from the social media presence. For example, the number of followers you have will not impact the overall ranking of the brand name. However, having an active version of community engagement, social presence, and proper business details within social profiles are some points that search engines must go for.

Social media can improve your position by making people share your content and earn backlinks. It focuses on the words you use to create your posts and bios.

Meta descriptions

One quick and proven way to easily increase organic traffic is Meta Description. It is mainly a copy that appears right in the search results, just under the post title or the page you have posted online. Even though such descriptions won’t hold major ranks on them, the copy is vital for improving your click-through rate.

Meta Description is your ultimate chance to change scroll within a click. You need some enticing copies, which will help your content to remain different from the rest. It helps people to know why your brand is the best they can opt for around here.

The final verdict:

These simple yet vital SEO strategies are something that you need to work on if you are on a mission to increase your organic traffic to the next level. But, again, research is the key and will help you find the best response you have asked for. Again, ClikThot Solutions are there for you for more details on SEO strategies.