10 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs Pillar Content

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So you’ve decided to finally start writing blog posts or articles on your business website and build out your long-term content marketing strategy. That’s Great!

Content is king in SEO. The truth is, it is not easy to create high-quality content -Informative articles that are bursting at the seams with high-value content, naturally attracting readers.

If you’re going to create a blog for your business, it needs to give a lot of value to the reader.

You’re blogging because you need to attract people to your business, right? The best way to do that is to create Pillar Content.

In this post, I share with you 10 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs Pillar Content. 

What is pillar content?

Pillar content provides a perfect answer to any question a user may be searching for on a given topic. It’s specially designed to provide value for the reader and also to rank highly in search engines.


1. Evergreen Content 

Evergreen content is necessary because its results will likely assist in attracting visitors more effectively in the long term. If your website’s blog is stuffed with content that will be outdated in a short time, you’ll be on a constant mission to crank out new material to be able to appeal to guests.

Not all pillar posts will be evergreen, but most of them are. Once in a while, you may need to update your pillar posts, keeping them up to date. However, the topic ought to be something that will remain important well into the future.

2. Stand Out

With thousands and thousands of blogs online (including extra articles being added every day), it’s very easy to get lost within the group. To have success, you’ll have to make your website blog stand out one way or another. This is very important for those who blog in a crowded area of interest. 

High-quality pillar posts can help to improve your reputation as a blogger. Readers will take notice, and they’ll see you as an expert on the topics you discuss in your pillar posts. You can use this to further your potential benefit by creating detailed, excellent articles on the issues that are generally essential to you and your branding.

3. Attract Links

If your article is an informational powerhouse that can’t be seen anywhere else, other websites and blogs are likely to link to you when writing about a similar topic. Pillar post content can also be excellent for attracting links from other blogs.

4. SEO

Pillar posts usually rank very well in website indexes like Google. Some portion of that is a direct result of the inbound links referenced in the past, but there is more to it. Lengthy articles will, in general, have a lot of similar keywords and phrases that commonly occur in the text, so your pillar posts will get a chance to rank for various Keywords & Phrases. Additionally, Google prefers to see top-notch content that keeps visitors on the page.

5. Sharing On Social Media

Readers like to share Pillar posts through their social profiles. Top-notch Pillar posts usually get thousands of shares on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. More shares imply more introductions. More introductions mean more visitors, more subscribers, and more revenue.

It’s a good recommendation to have social share icons in your posts to make it simple for visitors to share the content. Some blogs use buttons/icons on the prime of the web page, the bottom of the web page, or floating on the aspect of the display screen.

6. Encourage Email Subscribers

One of your main goals as a blogger should be to develop an email list. An email list is essential since you’ll be capable of communicating with your most engaged and constant followers (at any time), and you will also be independent of Google or social networks.

Pillar posts are excellent for alluring email subscribers. When a visitor arrives at your pillar post, the aim should be to give a lot of data that they want to buy into your email list, so they don’t miss any of your future articles.

7. Useful to Readers

Profitable blogs not only interest several visitors, but they also present content that’s truly useful for readers and guests.

Though guests could appreciate all various kinds of content, informational pillar posts are exceedingly useful. Readers can study a lot out of your free content material, and in the case of your website’s blog, provide helpful information to the reader, improving its value in the long term.

8. Stream

You want to use pillar posts to provide all the information wished to in your topic and create a flow in your readers. For instance, if your weblog is about working, you might create a sequence of pillar posts that may give readers all the information they should find out about working.

You might have an article that could be a complete buyer’s information to help individuals discover the specific trainers and different equipment wanted. You might have one other item that could be information & tips on how to prepare for a marathon.

9. Generate Revenue

Pillar posts tend to attract visitors from search engines like Google, social networks, and internal hyperlinks – they are often helpful for making a living. And since most pillar posts are usually evergreen, they’ll generate revenue for a very long time.

10. It Can’t Be Duplicated

One of the many difficulties with running a blog is that the obstacle to entry could is very low, and anyone can start a weblog simply and shortly. Pillar posts provide you with a little bit of safety from competitors; if your publication is huge, it will be very exhausting for others to return in and match the content you just have published.

Bottom Line

Pillar posts take the best deal of time and effort to create, but the results can ultimately justify the effort. Those pillar posts might be precisely what you have to get your blog past the hump and get you the presentation you need. Take a while to brainstorm article ideas that may be an excellent match in your weblog.

Belinda Mathew is a passionate blogger and content writer for Designpluz Web Design Agency, mainly interested in Web Design, Branding, SEO, and social media campaigns. She is an expert in providing recommendations for a new company website, wrote new content, Also Developed user guides, newsletters, and various online promotional pieces.

10 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs Pillar Content

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Belinda Mathew is a passionate blogger and content writer for Designpluz Web Design Agency , mainly interested in Web Design,Branding, SEO and social media campaigns. She is an expert in providing recommendations for a new company website, wrote new content, Also Developed user guides, newsletters, and various online promotional pieces.