10 Online Business Tools You Need to Check Out

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10 Online Business Tools You Need to Check Out

Did you know that around 627,000 new businesses open and start each year in the United States of America? There are several business tools that you need to consider using when you decide to start your own online business, and these business resources go a long way towards ensuring that you make a success of your startup company.

It is difficult to get a small business off the ground but using the right tools makes your odds for success go up drastically. If you’ve ever wondered about which business resources you need to start using at your startup company, then you’re in luck. You’ve come to the perfect place to learn all about ten great business tools that you need to start using when you start a business. Keep reading this article to learn more.

1. LivePlan

LivePlan is a great resource to use when you’re starting a business because it will help you develop a solid plan for your startup company. This is big because it sets the tone for the journey of your business growing into a stable and lucrative company. You’ll use this blueprint as a map to ensure that your online business reaches its potential. Best of all, it is affordable. This great service is available for less than $12 per month, so there is no reason why your small business can’t afford this business resource.

2. Siteground

You’ll also need to find a good resource for web hosting when you start a business. Any successful online business will need a strong online presence and a good website that is easy to use. Siteground is the perfect resource for creating your business’s website. You can get a shared hosting plan through Siteground for less than $12 per month, and it is a sure way to get a large amount of traffic looking at your goods or services each day. This is something that you’ll want to make sure you invest in.

3. Content Management Business Tools

There are also plenty of great tools and business resources out there for content management that you should consider. WordPress is a popular option for businesses trying to put out more content for their audience and customers to enjoy. You won’t find an option that provides more customization than WordPress when putting out new content. Some many great tools and resources are free with WordPress. This is vital for a startup company since every dollar counts. You can get the help of WordPress’s great services for only $8 per month.

4. Customer Communication Tools

You should also look into ways to market to and communicate with your audience. MailChimp is a great tool that you should consider if you’re looking to boost your email marketing campaigns to get new customers and grow your customer base. A huge component of success for an online business is communicating with your customers.

5. Social Media Management

There are also many options to consider when you’re looking for business resources that will help you to manage your social media pages and accounts for your business. You’ll want to ensure that you have a presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but tools like Hootsuite will make this even more accessible.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts on social media to have even less effort involved with your social media marketing efforts.

6. Upwork

Upwork is a cool business tool that will help you find tasks that your business isn’t set up to handle with current employees. It is normal when you’re starting a business to encounter things where you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to do something independently. This is where Upwork enters the picture.

You’ll find experts in their fields to help with things like designing a logo for your online business and creating your website. You can even find content creators that will help you buildup your SEO and move your business up the rankings.

7. Project Management Tools

Nowadays, there are even tools for helping with project management within your business structure. This is great because it is a tool that scales and works with your business no matter how much it grows. Therefore, this is one of the essential business tools to invest in, depending on your industry.

Programs like Trello make it easy for your employees to work together and collaborate on multiple projects at one time. This is huge in an era where more workers than ever work from home or in a remote capacity.

8. Shopify

You’ve likely heard of Shopify at least once in the past. It is a huge business tool for online businesses to help with selling products to customers. In addition, Shopify makes getting and accepting payments from your customers a breeze compared to the other options you have at your disposal.

9. Product Shipping Business Resources

You’ll also want to look into a good product shipping business tool if your business is focused on selling products online. If you sell products or goods, you need to remember that delivery is a huge part of your business. Getting a good product shipping program like AfterShip makes it much easier to have satisfied customers.

10. Accounting Services

Accounting is confusing and overwhelming, and this is even more true when you’re balancing the other parts of starting a small business. Using amazon accounting is a wise move that will make getting your startup company up and running a much easier task. You’ll have peace of mind that your business’s books are in good order.

Make the Most of These Business Tools

Deciding to start an online business can get intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you invest in the right business tools for generating growth and success. For example, make sure that you get good accounting services and manage your social media in an effective way that engages with your target audience.

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10 Online Business Tools You Need to Check Out

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