10 On-demand Home Service Android Apps

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10 Famous On-demand Home Service Android Apps to Try Right Now

Home service and repair issues might be a common issue for a large number of people. While some of us know how to fix it independently, some might struggle to fix these issues. After all, not everyone is an expert in managing everything related to home services. A regular check of home services and repair is a must for every household.

Earlier, finding a handyman or house help would be a big task. However, with technology in our hands, we can ace even the smallest of tasks in no time. Thus, today we can enjoy a larger piece of the cake by hiring the required handyman.

This article has curated a list of the 10 Famous On-demand Home Service Android Apps to Try Right Now. These apps allow you to book professionals to get your work done.

  • Urban Clap 

This is one of the most renowned on-demand home services apps that lets you book home services from its app. You can hire makeup artists, massage therapists, plumbers, electricians, etc. It allows you to call these professionals to your place and avail of hassle-free service. It has professionals of a wide-ranging variety, namely, home tutors, carpenters, plumbers, packers & movers, and many more. You can select the timing of the service and thus hire the handyman.

  • Handiman

As the name suggests, Handiman is an app that is widely known in the UK. With a huge variety of professionals, this app helps you solve your day to day home services issues. You can book a handiman from this app for any of your service needs like carpenter, pet-sitter, plumber, cleaner, etc. It provides an easy process of hiring and communication with its in-built chat feature. So, if you are in the UK and are looking to book local experts, Handiman can be your mate.

  • Timesaverz

Timesaverz is another useful on-demand home service app where you can hire services like repairs, car washing, home & accessories cleaning, pest controls, and many more. It takes care that they hire only trained professionals who provide excellent services in all genres. This app also allows you to book according to your schedule.

  • Airtasker

This is another app that will help you resolve your household service-related issues like repairing, cleaning, etc. Here you can describe your issues or required service and get the designated professional for that. It provides services like repairing, cleaning, photography, and a lot more.

  • Porch 

It is one of the most popular handyman services apps. It provides home services like application installation, assembling furniture, electrical works, security installations, and many more. It also provides home services for bigger brands like Walmart, eBay, Bing, etc.

  • Taskrabbit 

This is a famous and easy-to-remember app. It helps you with home services like cleaning, furniture, repair, and maintenance. It does this by allowing you to connect with people in the nearby location and get the job done. You can keep checking your to-do list on the app. It offers great quality service by allowing you to find local professionals for your tasks.

  •  Thumbtack

This is a California based on-demand home service company. It provides almost 1000 services like a home tutor, makeup professional, dog trainer, florist, cleaners, and many more. It allows you to check the ratings and reviews of the professionals before hiring one.

  • Rinse 

Is the name suggesting you something about this app? Well, yes! It is about laundry. This app is here to help you get your laundry done seamlessly. It offers services 7 days a week and allows you to choose the date and time for a pickup. It offers door-to-door pickup and delivery services. So, no more tiring due to the huge heaps of dirty clothes.

  • Helpr

Helpr app will prove to be your helper in every household service need. You can hire a handyman for kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, carpet, and sofa cleaning. It comprises experts in electrical repairs, fixing machines, pest control, plumbing, wood painting, and maintenance. So, you can now book professionals to get your work done in no time.

  • Rover 

This one is a day-care app for your dogs. It provides house-sitting facilities with the utmost care and affection. It helps in increasing convenience and reducing tension by helping you take care of your doggo. It is an efficient app with many helpful features. The app also offers 24/7 support for every booking.


So far, we have learned that any home service can be done without worrying much about it. This can be possible with any of the appropriate apps from the above list. So, no more worries when you are looking to book home services. Please keep it simple and stress-free with any of these apps on your phone.

10 On-demand Home Service Android Apps