10 Most Trustworthy & Simple Mobile App Ideas for Startups

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The mobile app startup regards excellent ideas. Whatever a particular app can provide is whether it has the capability of meeting the entrepreneur’s mind. However, the idea of a new app idea is not an easy task. It is the hardest part of starting up the business.

10 Most Trustworthy & Simple Mobile App Ideas for Startups

Here are the ten best app ideas for the startup that will help do good business.

  1. Restaurant reservation app

You can remember the user of this app’s choices and preferences with artificial intelligence. It helps you in selecting a better dining place, yet personalizing it. This app’s emergence will provide you with the graphical layout of the exact location that you need to book in advance.

  1. Local food delivery app

It is an app that will be used in finding cheap yet best food delivery services. You will need to fill in your information like food, location, and contact details. That way, you will be good to go!

  1. Health inspector app

We all visit doctors to get a regular checkup. However, it would help if you remembered making appointments to notify the user of the health checkup’s importance. The app will automatically message to remind you of the meeting and other related information.

  1. Police scanner app

Everyone would want to be alert to the criminals within their area. The app will help you to see the wanted criminals in their area. It will all the information about the criminal activities updated. That means you will be keen in case you come close to them and take the necessary steps!

  1. Car parking app

Getting a car park space in rush hours is hard. The car park will show the available spots following the GPS and help users grab a parking section quickly.

  1. Disaster alert app

When you visit a place and face challenges, unknowingly, this app will be helpful to you. It will automatically alert you in case of a natural disaster. Besides that, it will offer suggestions on how to save yourself from the situation.

  1. Business tips app

Everyone would want to have this app! The app will guide young entrepreneurs when faced with hard situations in their business. It will be an offline app that contains plans and techniques that leads to a successful business.

  1. Public transport app

When traveling to new areas of a city, several people fail to know the right bus to take to their destinations. The public transport app will suggest to its users the best transportation option they should take. It should be the cheapest of all and get them to where they are going! It is good to have custom-developed software to make an offline app that everyone uses regardless of location.

  1. Lifehack app

This app will help the user with everyday tasks by offering tips and tricks. These tricky tasks are like repairing the fan, tying ties quickly, and many other issues around people.

  1. Flashback app

One of the best app ideas that will help you retrieves deleted information. There are many times we need to recover or undo tasks that have been done unwillingly. This app will come to rescue the situation. It allows its users to view what they did on their devices in the past!


The above-provided list of the best app ideas will help you in fueling your startup business venture. They are the first startup that will have a market at any time. Therefore, if you consider employing the best mobile apps, you will be good to go!

10 Most Trustworthy & Simple Mobile App Ideas for Startups

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