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With the growing age and time, PGDM Degrees seem to have taken a better prospect over traditional MBA programs in their ways as they offer the students a balanced course and curriculum, which helps them establish themselves in the corporate world. Like the students, even the PGDM colleges who are well-tuned with the industry standards and needs and prepare the students accordingly so that they are ready to excel at the companies they work. Keeping that in mind, we have a list of PGDM degrees we feel would be in high demand in 2021, and with the current pandemic in mind, students too would opt for these degrees to enter the professional world at an early stage in their lives.


PGDM IN MARKETING: PGDM in Marketing happens to be one of the most popular specializations and would continue to remain in the coming few years. If you are someone who loves marketing, advertising, and sales in the product of a company, then this is undoubtedly the right option that you should always look out for.

PGDM IN FINANCE: Aspirants who are interested in finance would surely love taking up this degree, which has many potential benefits in the coming future. If you have a flair of numbers and market conditions, you would consider specializing in PGDM Finance, which has multiple uses in the future and would shape your career graph in an upwards direction.

PGDM IN OPERATIONS: PGDM in Operations makes you familiar with the operations of a company. Right from planning and strategizing to proper execution, the aspirant must be involved in all of these things and ensure proper execution. By pursuing this degree, you get a proper idea about how a company should operate and run.

PGDM IN HUMAN RESOURCES: PGDM in Human Resources is one of the most trending PGDM degrees which most of the students who wish to pursue an MBA are opting out for. With the help of this specialization, aspirants learn about the trick and trades of managing the resources in an organization. Since Human Resource is one of the most integral and vital positions in any organization, there is always a lookout for fresh and smart individuals who can handle this role wisely.

PGDM IN INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY: IT being one of the fastest-growing industries across the world, most of the aspirants look forward to attaining a PGDM degree in Information and Technology. Even during the pandemic, the industry has been going at a relative pace, and that is one of the key reasons why most aspirants would want to make a career in Information and Technology.

PGDM IN INTERNATIONAL FINANCE: International Finance, being a little different from traditional finance, is one of the fastest-growing sectors which many aspirants are pursuing PGDM degree often like to take into consideration. From the financial module to the analytical module, students often get an edge over others when they take up this course. If you have already studied finance, taking up a PGDM in international finance would help you understand the course better.

PGDM IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: By undertaking a degree in PGDM in International Business, you learn about the operations within a business on a global level. This specialization helps you in getting familiar with international laws and practices and also enables you to understand the basic management system that goes into managing a multinational company. In-depth learning in this field helps you attract many MNCs.

PGDM IN SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS: Being an essential part of business management, PGDM In Supply Chain and Logistics helps you deal with all the aspects of the supply chain in manufacturing-related business while gaining knowledge about  Logistics helps you with managing complex logistics in an organization. Supply Chain and Logistics is another area that has been on the rise previously and would attract fresher prospects in the years to come.

PGDM IN ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT: PGDM in Enterprise Management helps you deal with the daily management within an organization with ERP, which is very popular software that is specialized in business management and is very much comprehensive in its delivery. Enterprise Management is another area where most of the aspirants passing out from B-schools have shaped their careers in.

PGDM IN RESEARCH AND BUSINESS ANALYTICS: The research and business analytics deals with quantitative analysis of the business and the degree specialized in providing a mix of business, research, science, statistics, and technology. A PGDM in Research and Business Analytics helps the students getting a better hand in the research and analytics department.

If you are looking for a PGDM Course in any one of these degrees, then there are quite many colleges offering you a PGDM Course in Ahmedabad, which you can enroll yourself in and take your career to greater heights.


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