10 Important Call To Action Examples for Increased Conversion Rates
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10 Important Call To Action Examples for Increased Conversion Rates

Need more conversions? Subscribers? Sales? You won’t get it without a compelling call to action.

If you are a website owner, you already know CTAs play an integral part in your marketing and sales strategy.

Marketers solely work towards one goal, i.e., to increase sales which is only possible if your visitors engage in your content, sign up for more, and eventually get converted. 

So, how do you do that?

With the help of a simple and actionable call to action (CTA).

It’s important to optimize your CTA to shouts out loud and clear to the customers the action you want them to take. 

By the end of this post, you’ll have enough knowledge to be able to write effective CTAs.

For now, let’s begin with the basics. 

What is a CTA?

A call-to-action(CTA) is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a text, phrase, or button that prompts your audience to take some action on your website.

A CTA can be placed anywhere within your blog, website, email, videos, or blog post. It’s essential as it is the first step of your buyer’s journey and further leads the buyer in the right direction. 

To create a successful CTA, you need to align it with your business model and its goals. When you have your realistic business model and specific objectives to be achieved, you can easily create a strategy. 

Therefore, helping you create a strategy that matches your needs. 

An effective CTA will be aligned with its goals and express a sense of urgency to its users. The CTA should use actionable language, be convincing enough to take action, and, most importantly, stand out.

Here’s a list of the typical CTAs you will find online –

  • Sign-Up
  • Register
  • Call
  • Subscribe
  • Try Now
  • Donate
  • Buy
  • Order
  • Share
  • Follow
  • Download
  • Click here for
  • And more

Furthermore, our responsibility is to present an irresistible offer that motivates your prospect and becomes a no-brainer for him to accept it. 

Best Call To Action Examples of 2021


CTA Location –


CTA Button – 

Show me my heatmap

Why It Works –

This bold call to action hits right on the spot for the marketers who want to improve their website right away.

The CTA clearly states that it is risk-free, worth every penny, and user-friendly to understand and use easily.

In addition, the language used is easy for one to make out what the CTA offers, and it provides proof and integrity by writing, “300,000 websites use Crazy Egg.” Thus, digging right into the buyer persona.


CTA Neil Patel

CTA Location – 


CTA Button – 

Analyze Website

Why It Works – 

The most popular one that works the best for Neil Patel is this one. Its unique feature to provide personalized geographical location is next level and works well to compel its audience. 

Also, the only CTA that provides this kind of personalization. 

It is written, ” Do you want more Traffic?” which makes it easy for the audience to understand to whom the site offers services. Therefore, it removes the irrelevant leads. 


CTA Vivo Barefoot

CTA Location-

Footer menu

CTA Button-

Refer a friend

Why It Works –

Vivo Barefoot tries to work not only on providing the best to their customers but also doing their bit to save the planet.

It provides a 25% discount for simply referring a friend to you and your friend on the next order.

Not only that, but they also connect well with the audience and come up with courses that provide experience to its customers into the wilderness of beautiful parks and provides a 30% discount to the attendees on its outdoor range. 

I must say, the offers are quite appealing as it’s a win-win in both situations. 


CTA Ryan Robinson

CTA Location-

Exit Intent

CTA Button-

Join Now

Why It Works –

This type of CTA is an exit-intent presented to the customers who are about to leave your site. It provides offers and reasoning as to why they shouldn’t leave the website.

For example, Ryan Robinson’s website. On his website, he talks about growing a profitable side business and ways to start a blog.   

He plays smart and positions its email signup as a free course, not making it look like a lead generation form. Therefore, easily targeting the bouncing customers. 

He Further makes sure to provide proof to validate his audience by attaching the logos of companies he has consulted before and written blogs for.    


CTA Birchbox

CTA Location –


CTA Button – 

Sign me up

Why It Works – 

Birchbox is the startup that started the subscription box trend and how.

While most of them have simple CTAs like sign up or join now, birchbox chose to add “me” to it making it Sign me up. It gives it a fun twist, and this small trick helps to boost the conversion rate too.

Call top Action Birchbox

Not only does it sign me up, but it also provides a wide range of offers on its monthly subscriptions to make it appealing to its customers. For example, on its 3-month subscription, it provides the stasher box as the first box to its customers. 


CTA Monster

CTA Location –


CTA Button – 


Why It Works –  

You must have heard the simpler the tool, the more powerful it is. Monster makes it easy for job searchers to search for a job online easily. It further highlights “Search for better” shows they know they are better than the other. 

Monster also provides an option for employers( top-right corner) to make hiring easy and allows posting jobs for free on its site. 



CTA Location –


CTA Button – 

Check It Out

Why It Works –  

T- Mobile claims to be the leader in the 5G network in America. Its homepage, when visited, is filled with appealing offers that no user can resist.

T- mobile has not been seen talking about its coverage or prices at first, but their CTA offers a free 5G phone obviously with purchase of their unlimited plan and many terms and conditions attached to it. 

Further down, It validates its integrity by adding a CTA to the Opensignal award it won for being the best 5G network. Not to forget, it provides a great range of offers on iPhones as well when purchased with their line or on their site.  


CTA Inika Organic

CTA Location –


CTA Button – 

Take the Quiz

Why It Works –  

The only basic reason this CTA would work is that people love taking quizzes, and if one can find the range that suits them the best with this, then why not? 

Inika was recently (as of the time I was writing this blog) running with a giveaway to win products worth $2000. It delicately portrays love through highlighting Share the Love and asking its users to share posts with people that inspire them using the #LOVEorganic

Hence, aiming at increasing its reach. 


CTA Basecamp

CTA Location –


CTA Button – 

Give Basecamp a Try

Why It Works –  

Basecamp is an ALL-in-one tool that simplifies managing your projects for you. It helps you work on your projects remotely and keeps everything organized as it contains a set of tools in its project management tool. 

Its compelling CTA “give basecamp a try” appeals to the audience to try and experiment. Basecamp is seen talking about gaining 4000 signups in the past week, which helps with conversions. 


CTA Giftrocket

CTA Location –


CTA Button – 

Send a GiftRocket

Why It Works –  

GiftRocket is a smart, thoughtful package that combines two important choices, making it a perfect package to be gifted to anyone.

The CTA “Send a GiftRocket” appeals to one and excites him/her to make a choice to click on it. As seen, the homepage is simple yet attractive and effective to impress one and make them understand making this flexible choice.


Firstly, the best and well-crafted call-to-action phrases are clear and specific and create the urge to act on them.  

Secondly, always test them and make sure your CTA should be easy to spot and in a place where it best compliments its purpose. 

Lastly, I hope you don’t underuse the power of an effective CTA and align it well to achieve your objectives.

Well, I hope these calls to action encourage you to take some inspiration and turn your business into a gold mine.  

If you know any that can help readers read this post, let me know in the comments below!

10 Important Call To Action Examples for Increased Conversion Rates

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