10 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

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Email marketing was the first-ever form of digital marketing. With more than 3 billion people online, email marketing gives businesses direct access to their potential customers. It is more effective than the rest of the digital marketing channels. According to the available data, email marketing generates up to $42 on every $1 spent. That is by far the best rate of return offered by any marketing channel today.

Why You Need Email Marketing?

Email marketing has been a powerful tool, especially in the holiday season. According to the National Retail Federation data, holiday sales crossed the $700 billion mark in November-December 2018. It is expected to be around $730 billion this year. It provides a massive opportunity for businesses to increase the inflow of orders this year. This can only be done if all the marketing channels are put to good use. Email marketing is not any different.

Let’s look at some of the email marketing tips.

Review KPIs

Do you review your key performance indicators? If not, then you need to start doing it right away. There are several email marketing KPIs that can be helpful for your business. The number of emails delivered, open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, and spam complaint. There are some of the must-have KPIs for your email marketing strategy. These KPIs will give you an idea of whether your email marketing is working or not. It will also help you to figure out your weaknesses and your strengths. So you need to set some KPI targets for your email marketing strategy. Always aim towards going beyond these targets. If you see any of the KPIs below the target, you would know what to change.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Carefully study your market and your top competitors in it. You always learn from the practices of your competitors. So before finalizing your email marketing plan, subscribe to your competitors’ mailing service. It will help you in understanding the selection of their products for email marketing. Please do a thorough study of how much discount they offer and what products—tools like MailCharts, eDataSource, and Competitor. Email can help you monitor the email marketing strategy of different brands.

Act Quickly

Most of the marketing emails are automated now. It does not take a lot of time, so there is none for you to waste. Customers start shopping much before the holiday season even starts. November to December is the primary holiday season for shopping. So your email marketing campaign should be planned earlier than the holiday season. A slow approval process is a big hurdle in getting any plan approved. If that is the process at your organization, then you need to act quickly. Get your email marketing plan approved in due time.

Maintain Your “Send To” List

Email marketing is not going to work if you keep sending emails to dead inboxes or to people that do not even use emails often. Maintain a list of email addresses that you have sent marketing emails to. Your list can have multiple categories of people like dog lovers, tech enthusiasts, or people with a high click and open rate. In this way, you will know what to send and who to send it. This will help you to avoid sending emails to the same people again and again. There are online services that can help you do that as well.

Themed Discounts

Once you have figured out everything else, it’s time to start thinking about your discounts. Email marketing works when you send attractive offers to customers. If you are not offering anything worthwhile, no customer would even subscribe to your emails. Create a marketing offer that favors customers who subscribe to your email. Offer some percentage off on the price of specific categories of products. If it the Halloween season, start Halloween-themed offers and the same with the rest of the season.

Flash Sales

Flash Sales

Many famous brands are offering flash sales and games where they offer huge discounts for a limited time. Offering flash sales on favorite products can be very productive in the holiday season. Flash sales are a great way to attract colossal customer flow to your online stores. This way, you get increased ad income as well. So it is better to include flash sales in your email marketing.

Well-Composed Emails

Creating a well-composed marketing email is very important in making your email marketing plan successful. Be careful while composing the subject line of your marketing email, as every word in it is essential. The selection of dishes is a significant factor that can affect your marketing emails. Commonly-searched keywords go a long way in getting customers’ attention. If you are marketing a productivity tool, use keywords related to the product like free document viewer, pdf to doc, document editor, etc.

Include Customer Reviews

It is natural for customers to talk to other people about their shopping experience before doing it themselves. It is a factor that significantly affects online shopping stores. The only difference is that customers search for product reviews, vendor reviews, store ratings, etc. With a technology boom, there are tons of videos available only where people review the whole holiday sale season of different brands.  Make sure to include such positive responses in your email marketing. This way, you’ll have more chances to convert a lead into an actual sale.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

Many customers suggest that most of the email marketing offers are not readily viewable on their mobile devices. They either contain heavy animations or large photos that do not display on different screen sizes. So put a lot of effort into testing the compatibility of your marketing emails. Your main content in email marketing should easily display on any screen size. Campaign Monitor suggests keeping the pixel size 44×44.

Another simple thing to do is to keep an easily readable font size. Font size 12,13 is tough to read on a computer, let alone a mobile screen. A marketing email that can even display correctly is a big no from every customer.  You might as well check online services like Litmus to conduct pre-tests for your emails.

Giveaway Contests

Giveaway contests have become very popular these days. It is a great way to attract new customers to your online stores. It encourages customers to check online stores more often. Including announcements about your giveaway contests give a significant boost in traffic to your online shopping store.

Ending Thoughts

These are some of the email marketing tips that will make your email marketing a huge hit to wrap up the discussion. Tips alone will not help your cause unless you back them up with solid planning ahead of the holiday season. Invest in your customer service because it can get you those positive reviews to display on your website and in your marketing emails. Have a successful holiday sales season!

10 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

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