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Digital marketing is a vast subject. It is defined by activity in the marketing sector that employs digital media to reach the audience. In digital marketing, one can employ a set of tools and strategies for targeting and influencing audiences for sales of products and services with the help of digital technology. In present-day competitive market scenarios to generate fresh leads and sales – 96% of marketers use digital marketing tools. Here are some of the digital marketing tools that are required to achieve digital marketing success:

Digital marketing channels 

There are many channels by which digital marketing can be done. Some of the standard digital marketing channels are:

Market research: Gather Priceless Feedback & Email with Type form

Market research plays a vital role in businesses. Businesses have to do market research to know about their user persona, influencer, competitors, market, emerging trends, etc. Businesses can also leverage traditional market research techniques in getting ahead in digital marketing endeavors by employing data to strengthen a brand virtual presence. This process will also help a brand’s authenticity, communications, content, etc.

Market research will help businesses find what pain points target customers have in designing products or services to solve customer pain points. Another aspect of market research is finding what competitor businesses are offering or how competitor products/services solve customer pain points. Similarly, it can help in highlighting buyer persona, influencer, immersing trends, etc.

There are many tools/technique which businesses can employ in doing market research – Google forms, Google survey, Google trends, etc.

WordPress: Blog/website to connect to the customer or sell products/services

Blogging/website is an integral part of all businesses today. It was probably not so two decades or so ago. But with the shift of audiences’ choices has influenced businesses to adopt blogging/website integration. Primarily a blog/website serves two purposes for a business to offer exhaustive information on products/services and acts as a medium for customer acquisition.

When strategically applied, a blog/website can drive traffic to a blog/website, generate new leads, offer an opportunity to nurture those leads, gain invaluable insights on customers, etc. A blog/website does provide a cost-effective opportunity to gain measurable outcomes and positive ROI.

Email marketing: email collection and subscription marketing

Email marketing is a way of communication from business to customers through the use of the application of tools in digital channels. Email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of lead generation. There are numerous data to support email marketing effectiveness. It offers an opportunity for businesses to experience the excitement of rising customer loyalty and steady business growth, as well as the agony of bounced e-mail, unsubscribes requests, and spam complaints.

When effectively applied, a business can deliver valuable and purposeful e-mails to prospects and customers who need product/services information. As a result, a business with a quality email list of subscribers can gain an outstanding return on investment in email marketing efforts.

There are many email marketing and lead generation tools and platforms.

YouTube marketing: YouTube business page and use simple videos to drive traffic & sales

YouTube is the second biggest platform, the second biggest search engine with a billion active users. On average, one-third of the total time online is spent watching a video. There are numerous data on YouTube users’ demography to take advantage of businesses. A business can benefit from the tactical application by increasing awareness on product/services, driving traffic to blog/website, generating new engagement, creating new leads, etc.

YouTube business page is free to use and is accompanied by user analytic.

Facebook marketing: Facebook business page and connect with a user to get your first 1000 likes with or without Facebook Ads.

Facebook world’s top social media platform. Facebook has 2.5 billion monthly active users. They use Facebook to connect with friends and family and to discover things that matter to them. Also, millions of businesses, small or large, use Facebook to connect with people, engage with prospective audiences, and sign up for products/services.

If business audiences are on Facebook, it will be necessary for the business to be on Facebook.

Twitter marketing: Twitter business page to reach out to prospect

Ever imagined what 280 characters could do for your business. Brevity is what makes Twitter impactful. Users may lose attention in Facebook long posts, but Twitter’s short message makes it digestible. Businesses with rightful marketing strategies weaving around creating, publishing, and distributing content can directly connect with buyer personas, influencers, audiences, and followers. It provides businesses a large audience with over 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users.

Twitter business can effectively do customer services and generate sales, increasing customer loyalty, products/services awareness, brand building, etc.

Pinterest Marketing:  Pinterest business page to reach out to prospect

Pinterest is a visual content-based social media platform with 335 million monthly active users worldwide. Users can use multiple pins. With Pinterest, a business can increase awareness of products/services and drive organic traffic back to a website. Accordingly, businesses can increase their audience and brand connection with audiences.

Instagram marketing: Instagram business page to reach out to prospect

Instagram is a visual social media platform with 1 billion active monthly users. Brand/business can use visual / video content to connect to their target audiences and to connect with their audiences in real-time. There is abundant data on user demographics that businesses can strategically use to reach the correct buyer persona, influences, emerging trends, etc.

Quora: quora business page and become an authority & drive long-term website traffic

Quora is a Q&A-based social media platform with 300 million monthly active users. It has been gaining more traction in recent times. A business can open a business profile and interact with the audience by answering questions or asking questions. This helps a business establish itself as an authority on a subject and drive traffic to its business. The major advantage of the Quora platform is that it will get long-term website traffic to a business.

Digital advertising: Tools for Website/blog analytic to turn data into actionable Insights

Google AdWords and analytics are Google tools for businesses. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows users to measure web traffic and advertising ROI. Google AdWords is a tool for online advertising planning and insight. It helps businesses with advertisements and analysis of products and services.

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10 Digital Marketing Focus Tools for Businesses

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