10 Digital Marketing Blogs Which Accept Guest Posts

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10 Digital Marketing Blogs Which Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting is an interesting and best way to increase traffic, grow your online reach, target new audiences, and build a connection with other influencers.

In addition, you will get better your writing skills & understanding of the topic. But finding a good place to submit your content can be difficult.

At Understanding eCommerce, we are always looking for new contributors; if you are a budding or even an experienced writer looking for somewhere on the web to showcase your work, why not try. Also, if you have an interest in UnderstandingeCommerce’s community, we want to hear about it.

You can submit your articles here – Guest Post Submission.  

Here, in this piece of writing, we have listed a list of 10 Digital Marketing Blogs Which Accept Guest Posts

To assist you in saving lots of time on assessing your “targets,” here is a list of the ten digital marketing blogs that accept guest posts, what content they wish, and how to approach them. So, let’s have a look-


This platform writes about technical SEO like crawl budgets & site speed optimization. So if you recognize a thing in technical SEO, then this is the best place to publish your post.


Copyblogger is a must-go-to source for online content marketing learning. A vast part of their mission is keeping the whole thing on their site & blog practical, appropriate, and written well. So, of course, your writing has to meet and exceed these standards for them to desire to post it on their site.

Business Insider

Business Insider covers lots of various topics, including technology and private enterprise. They have also cultivated a status for being a trustworthy resource that people from all industries can turn to for recommendations. So ensure that you can offer expert-level recommendations before submitting them here.


In-depth how-tos that share practical guidance. Ryte prioritizes the reader’s worth, so the post you submit must cover the topic broadly. 


SEMrush is an inclusive toolkit for digital marketers. Still, they also have an accepted blog where they (and several of their guest authors) write regarding search, PPC, digital PR, and the whole thing of digital marketing.

SEMrush has pretty strict editorial guidelines, which is expedient since you don’t have to wait for clarifications to begin working on a post.

Business 2 Community

Business2Community likes interesting things. For example, your judgment on a new Twitter feature or an update to Facebook Ads. In addition, they constantly ask to share the earlier samples of your work, so be ready to offer a portfolio.


TechCrunch is one more outstanding option when it comes to guest blogging.

Remember that TechCrunch pieces generally at least touch upon investment and economics. However, the publication does look out for guest posts & they describe what they want & their journal themes in the “Got a tip” segment of their site.

Digital Marketing Blog

This is an all-around best marketing blog that focuses on the newest marketing & e-commerce tips. The in-house team creates most of the content, but the blog is fairly enthusiastic about guest posts (they even publish a yearly summary of their top guest posts). 


FreelanceSwitch is a renowned brand on the web. It focuses on all topics associated with freelancing and running a freelance industry. To guest post, go here, read the hints, and then fill out the content submission form linked from the rule and tips page.

Search Engine People Blog

This very respected blog focuses on various topics associated with online marketing & SEO. There’s also a strategy page you can reference, which is a grand starting point. A common rule would be to pitch an article that marketing experts can benefit from.

Pop Pins

pop-pins.com is the news, entertainment, music, fashion, and insurance information website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. It accepts the Guests posts and blogs submission

10 Digital Marketing Blogs Which Accept Guest Posts