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Ever gave a thought to the types of product descriptions that can scale up your eCommerce business?

Well, more importantly, product descriptions should sell, not just tell. But which one you want to create, and which one your website visitors want to see?

A good product description is important to enlighten the uniqueness of the products you are going to sell. It depicts why your products are the best suited with in-depth details about its features and solutions that your customers will get from them.

In recent years, I have observed that many startups have turned into a brand focused on self-explanatory and distinctive product descriptions. Always remember your product descriptions have the power to convert a casual shopper into a revenue-generating buyer

Therefore, never focus on sales; instead, use a good product description with every product that will scale up your product and turn your ordinary startup into a brand. 

That’s why in this article, I have mentioned 10 great examples of eCommerce product descriptions that you should opt for in your business.   

Everlane (Accessories and Fashion)

Everlane sells eco-conscious, high-end accessories and fashion for women and men. Their product descriptions are according to their classy and sassy styles.

Here’s an example of the glove boot that is priced at $115 online.

Everlane (Accessories and Fashion)

The unique thing about Everlane is the way they approach by describing this boot in their customers’ language.

Using phrases like exact, we know, damn, and take your usual size makes customers feel like they are talking to their friends, not a company.

So, write product descriptions in natural language or the language that people use while talking to each other about that product.

Patagonia (Outdoor Gear)

Patagonia has spent many years innovating and crafting its well-known brand with every single product description as its extension.

Let’s take a look at the Chacabuco backpack of 30L.

Patagonia (Outdoor Gear)

The product description is detailed and explains every major component that can compel users to know more about the product.

They mainly use outdoor industry jargon such as long days on the wall and burliest that connect and build trust on their users.

Dewalt (Hardware, Accessories, and Tools)

The biggest criteria in describing the product description depend on describing the little things that make the difference. These little things and features of a product are important for shoppers and help them make their purchase decisions.

Dewalt, the creator of 4LB Engineering Hammer, is not just a Hammer.

This hammer features lightweight fiberglass, textured grip to help improve comfort and control of the tool. 

Dewalt (Hardware, Accessories, and Tools)

Remember you are competing against similar products in your industry. The only difference that matters is how you choose to describe its features. So, describe them.

Appsumo (Online Courses)

AppSumo Make Your First Dollar online course is a perfect example of the ideal product description, “Ideal You,” that plays right into the natural human drive to push them to be successful, make a lot of money, live a good life, and be a good person. 

Though the “Ideal You” product description template is not a physical product to be sold, yet it takes the same delicacy of persuasive speech to sell this service out. 

This enables the shopper to evolve from the present and help them look at where they want to be with the help of a few specific and strategic questions, such as –

  • Have you failed at starting a business?
  • Have you failed at trying?
  • What business do you want to start?

Then, once you’ve internally answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, they present you with four case-studies of successful entrepreneurs that have been in your shoes before and succeeded by taking the Appsumo course. So, show people the before and after and help them find the ideal versions of themselves. 

Dollar Shave Club (Beauty and Grooming)

Gone are the days when plain, non-humorous advertisements influenced people. To break down their resistance, brands are now using humor in their content and product descriptions. 

As we can see, Dollar Shave Club has been using humor in each of its products’ descriptions which helps its customers indulge in their advertisements and also drive sales on their websites. 

For Example, they make sure to get the most important information across in the product description, “Tested on interns, not animals,” which is a typical Dollar shave club humor. 

Dollar Shave Club (Beauty and Grooming)

Make sure to use humor the right way, and you will influence your customer’s decision-making behavior. 


Subaru (Autos, A.K.A. Big-Ticket Items)

In terms of selling items that range more than tens of thousands of dollars need a product description that is clever, clear, and has a full understanding of not only your prospective customer’s psychographics but also their desires and pain points. For example, a car. 

On Subaru’s website, they have been seen talking about the two most important components that make it a perfect fit for a family, “security” and “spaciousness.” 

To convince further, they talk about the longevity of the vehicle. In which they cover the technical aspects as well. Subaru gets its product review from two of the most reputable sources – Kelley Blue Book and Motor Trend. 

Furthermore, Subaru came up with innovative product campaigns for Dog Lovers where its Senior Vice President of Marketing, Alan Bethke, sums the importance of identifying an ideal customer(s) in which he says, “We identified dogs as the common truth that made these owners the same.”

This has an everlasting impression on its potential buyers and will help you solve your buyer’s pains, points, and desires. 

Shopify (Software as a Service/SAAS)

Shopify, an eCommerce brand, is at the peak of the world. It has been used by more than 500,000 merchants to power their online stores and recently jumped from $205.2M to $389.3M in revenue that too just in a year. 

Shopify is also the third most visited website in the world under the “Business Services” category. It’s the best product one can offer and because the Shopify team has its messaging and product description down to a fine art. 

Part of what makes them so successful is knowing that most of their merchants are small business owners. Building an emotional connection with them will help the merchants calm their fears and know that they’re making the right decision. 

For example, Shopify can be seen adding “no design skills needed” and “or out of the trunk of your car” in their product descriptions that show the shoppers that they know and understand what they’re going through and eventually build a better connection. That is exactly what you have to achieve as well, the sense of emotional connection. 

Google Home Mini (Electronics)

For products that are unique and high in demand, like the Google Home Mini, it does not particularly need extravagant product descriptions to sell but rather keeps it simple. Luckily, Google Home mini is a product that practically sells itself. Google’s only technique is to come up with rhyming words or unique one-liners that help them set short descriptions apart and give a personality.

Google Home Mini (Electronics)

For example, “Say it to play it” used by Google and concisely describing features in 5-10 words is a great example of Google’s art of brevity. Thus, writing as normal as you can withdraw the confusion they are facing and help increase sales. 

Wayfair (Furniture & Home Goods)

Wayfair is one of the largest only home goods retailers globally, having 3,800 employees and 36 million active customers. What I love about Wayfair are their not-so-standard generic storytelling descriptions, making customers feel what it would be like to have their product home. 

For example, their hanging light or Kennedy Barrel Chair. Both of its products have been described so that the customers immediately would go wild with their imagination with all the possibilities of using both their divine products.

Wayfair (Furniture & Home Goods)

Remember, to help them imagine the product is a little tricky as they cannot physically touch them, but your narration should show them all the possibilities of how the product would look and feel at home. 

Malicious Women Candle Co. (Candles)

You must have come across candles that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors infused with all the scents possible. But have you ever come across candles that are “infused with saas”? 

Malicious Women Candle Co. (Candles)

Malicious Candle Co. candles are a perfect example of selling a product with sarcasm and a little bit of attitude. Their website is filled with candles with a non-traditional product name and sheer sarcasm that takes away the shallowness. 

In the example above, “Sorry I Was Busy The Day You Moved – Infused With A Great Housewarming Gift” is a perfect gift for a friend or family member to welcome them to their new home with a little punch of sarcasm.  

In short, bring out the saas in you and write descriptions that people would relate to but afraid to say it loud. This would gracefully help you sell your products (pun intended). 

To Sum Up

Great product descriptions take a lot of effort and work. You have to keep trying until and unless you find the perfect something that works just fine and suits you and your business. 

Upworthy shared a few tips on the editorial process, out of which these two suits the best for product description, that is –

You HAVE to crap out 25 headlines for every piece of content.

Once you start getting desperate, you start thinking outside the box.

Now go and explore your creative mind and help your buyers indulge in some killer product descriptions that help you sell your product more. Each one of your businesses will have something that will make you.  

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Claire Mark is an investment and strategic planning consultant at  Alcor, a global investment bank. She’s best known for her insightful blogs on business growth, startups, small businesses, and investments. Claire also has a good network in the Finance industry, especially the investors’ community. Apart from her work, she loves to bake and go out for gadget-free nature walks.

10 Best Product Description Examples of eCommerce Websites

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