10 Best Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2020!
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10 Best Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2020!

Mobile apps have become dominant in the mobile market. If you are a developer and looking for the best way to invest in technology, consider creating apps. They will offer you golden chances to succeed. Both small and big businesses want mobile apps to make the running of business simple and effective. Ensure to focus on the best mobile app ideas, and you will attain great success.

To come up with something unique, research on the challenges people are facing. Then look at mobile app ideas that exist in the market. That way, you will know what those apps are not offering and embark on creating a better and unique app than the existing ones.

Beginner’s mobile app ideas in 2020

  1. Dating app

Many people are too much held in offices and have no time for meetups. You can make this dating life easier and simple with this kind of an app. While some exist in the market, you can create a unique app that offers different dating experiences to different people. Come up with a more secure app, ensure to connect your users with nearby persons, and help them meet with ease. That way, you will get many users. A dating app is among the best mobile app ideas to develop and offers your users a unique dating experience.

  1. Rental booking app

Want to ease the headache that people face looking for a rental house in big cities? This is the top best among the mobile app ideas to create. It’s not easy to find a comfortable place to live once you are new in town. But with this app, your problem is solved with ease. If you are a developer, ensure your app features have all rentals within a city. Allow the rental owners to update once they have a space within their premises. So, any time your user logs in, it will be possible to identify the city, street, and read where rooms are available.

  1. Parking space app
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Have you been too big cities? You might have noticed how people get it hard to get a parking space. Just create this kind of app, and you will get a huge number of subscribers. Make sure your app has all the streets and the allowed parking stations. Once a motorist logs into the app, it will easy to identify locations with available space.

  1. Quiz app

Are you looking for mobile app ideas that suit students’ irrespective of their educational level? You can begin with the quiz app. Many learners want to be ready for their exams. Since learners are everywhere, you are assured of many users. But ensure your app has all disciplines. The questions in your app should have answers to ease the revision exercise for your users.

  1. Driver tracking app

Do you own a transport company? Get this kind of app. It can help you to track your driver at all times and know what is happening. If you are a developer and looking for the best mobile app ideas, you will never lack subscribers with this app. Many transport companies want to know the location of their vehicles, and you can make it easy for them with the driver tracking app.

  1. Travel app

You will attain greater heights of success with mobile app ideas that help people to experience the destination of their choice before traveling. A traveler will always want to read reviews, visit websites, see videos and images of a place as a way to explore their destination. Ensure your app has the top best destinations and features of what a visitor will experience. Offer price analysis of various destinations so that your users can pick what is within budgets.

  1. News app
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Everyone wants to know what is happening across the globe within the comfort of their smartphones and offices. Some are even too busy working from home and no time for TVs. A news app is among the best app ideas to help keep them updated with the happenings. Just with a simple click, one can get news about the world.

  1. Bus booking apps

Have you ever planned for a family bus trip to go on a vacation, and the moment you arrive at the bus station, you meet no ticket? Even your mood will change right there. Many people are planning such a mini-vacation also since it’s the holiday period. If you are a developer and looking for the best mobile app ideas, try the bus booking app. You will help the trippy lovers book a ticket online within the comfort of their smartphones.

  1. Railway tracking app

In bigger cities, many commuters depend on the railway for transport. You can create an app to help them not to be caught unaware any time they are traveling. Ensure your app is going to help your subscribers to track train arrival to be prepared. That way, they will relax and ease the anxiety associated with waiting for the train without knowing when it will arrive. Also, your app should have a feature to help the users locate a seat on the train. The train is always on the move and doesn’t stop for long for people to locate the empty seat. Making it easy for your app users to identify available spaces to sit on the train will make your app more appealing. It’s part of the best mobile app ideas to help within the transport sector.

  1. Kitchen utensils app
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Many people don’t like the idea of moving from shop to shop looking for utensils to buy. Why don’t you create an app if you are a developer and help them shop while at their home? It will help them save time and transport costs. Include the best shops in your app. Make sure your users can compare prices for different kitchen items. Do not forget to link your app with a secure and effective delivery company that will transport the items after purchase. You will be sure to get many subscribers, which results in a good income.

If you are looking for mobile app ideas, to begin with, the kitchen utensils app is hot. Every person uses different utensils at home. When there are visitors in, one will need extra utensils. With this app, it can be easier to get new from shops.


Begin your journey with the above mobile app ideas if you want to invest in app development. You will have given people quick solutions to current problems. Mobile app ideas don’t have to be complex. Just create something that makes work simple and effective. With many users available, you got a golden opportunity to succeed.                    

10 Best Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2020

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