10 Best Beauty Blogs to Follow on Instagram

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10 Best Beauty Blogs to Follow on Instagram

The beauty industry has seen a boom in recent past years. It is estimated that the beauty industry will surpass sales revenue of more than $700 billion by the end of 2025. The makeup industry has always been glowing in the skies of beauty and fashion. It is something which is stimulating with every passing day.

This beauty industry growth has skyrocketed the Instagram influencers who benefited from this vital industry and started working in this niche. As a result, thousands of beauty bloggers and influencers earn millions through Instagram. 

They provide makeup and fashion tutorials, product reviews, and paid promotions. Beauty industries pay them a good deal of money to get their reviews and ratings. 

Here is a list of the top ten best beauty bloggers in 2022 who have been excelling and have millions of followers. Looking at their profile, one can easily get the idea that the beauty industry buys Instagram followers more than in any other niche. 

  1. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner):

Twenty-four-year-old Jenner is one of the top fashion and beauty bloggers with a follower count of 348 million at @kyliejenner. She has multiple accounts on Instagram under the same core niche @kyliecosmetics @kylieskin and @kyliebaby etc. Her makeup skills and artistic tutorials won her millions of followers. 

Starting her career with ”Keeping Up with Kardashians”, Jenner became the founder of a cosmetic company named Kylie Cosmetics. Winning the Forbes cover in 2018, Kylie won several awards, including Teen Choice Awards in 2013. She was nominated for various awards and won 5 of them. She has been working on her cosmetics company and aspires to see her company on the horizon of fashion, beauty, and cosmetics.

  1. Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian):

A mother of 4 cuties, Kardashian is an American socialite and businesswoman who has been well-known for her innovation in fashion, style, and beauty. She has 318 million followers on Instagram. Forty-one years old Karshian got media attention in 2007 as a stylist. 

An estranged hype was created around when her sex video leaked. Afterward, she entered fashion and beauty, which she was already pursuing. Kim Kardashian has 41% Instagram engagement. 

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  1. Patricia Bright:

Thirty-five-year-old Bright, a South London born and bred, has been in the spotlight as one of the best beauty bloggers on Instagram and Youtube for years. She has 1.2 million followers on her Instagram blog, which provides tips on beauty, makeup, and skincare.

Her tremendous success is due to high transparency in her content and the effective use of Instagram tools. She has IGTV, Reels, Image Posts, Video Posts, and Stories. Forbes listed Bright in the ”people making difference series. 

  1. Aakanksha Singh (@aakankshasingh30):

Aakanksha Singh is an Indian blogger turned influencer from Mumbai. She has more than 817K followers on Instagram, which talks about self-care, skincare, and beauty product reviews. One thing which has been seen particularly in Singh’sSingh’s blog is that she presents a blend of Eastern and Western culture. 

She experiments with her makeup and fashion ideas and gives them an artistic touch that beautifies her blog. She is the founder of Atariyaa, and recently, she started Aromorie, a charity, and fund-raising firm. She is considered one of the most trustworthy bloggers who provide honest reviews

  1. Katie Jane Hughes (@katejanehughes):

Famous for her bold styling, Hughes is famous for being a celebrity makeup artist. With 1217 posts on Instagram, she has 789K followers. All of her posts are aesthetically bold and experimental. Innovation and experimentation have been seen in her content after her partnership with Revlon.

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  1. Anna Newton (@theannaedit):

Tremendously gorgeous, Anna Newton, also known as The Anna Edit, is a thirty-year-old Virgo with 477K followers on Instagram. Mostly, she posts makeup tutorials, a day in the life videos, and unboxings.

Anna’sAnna’s content is also based on choosing outfits, i.e., for summer, a beach date, spring collection, and carrying them. Grazia, Stylist, You, and Metro have also featured Anna. 

  1. Olya Mosendz (@olya_mosendz):

Olya Mosendz is a Californian beauty blogger who is a gorgeous beauty with mostly Ukrainian and Russian audiences. In addition, she is a super professional and head-turning artist with 362K followers. 

Her profile is well-managed while using all the Instagram promotional and optimal tools to notify her account. Her success is highly linked to bold and innovative thoughts behind the content. 

  1. Beauty Is Boring:

Beauty is Boring is one of the most innovative beauty blogs ever seen. If you are bored of seeing outdated and cliched content on Instagram, here is @beautyisboring. Her blog on Instagram is the best place to find solace from outdated and repeated content ideas. She presents bright imagery and gives a new turn to how you look at makeup and beauty. She has transformed the idea of makeup blogs with her innovative, diverse, and bold content thoughts. 

  1. Julian Kiener (@jukiener)

Repleted with the content on makeup, travel, lifestyle, fashion, and makeup, Kiener’s account is one of the best blogs to follow if you want one account with multiple content perceptions. Kiener has 31.2K followers on Instagram, and her optimized account is boosting every other day. Her rapport has been turned into a macro-influence now. 

She reinstates the idea of organic beauty through health and fitness-based content. She is always a happy-mode lady who will make you inspired with her linking of health with beauty. 

      10. Melani Rae (@thesarymompreneur)

Hooking with a different username, Rae has been excelling as a beauty blogger with her cutest baby daughter. She is a US-based mom influencer with 23.3K followers. Her content is amazingly beautiful with Bohemian dresses and summer collections. 

She is a fashion blogger with more focus on self-care and styling. If you look at her profile, you will not be able to resist the follow button. 


One thing which has been common in all the ten best-listed beauty bloggers is content innovation, consistency, and experimentation with content. As a result, diverse content catches a wider reach and builds a diverse community. 

Another thing common among all is massive followers count. It makes your account look validated and authentic and builds trust. It is a CTA that endorses quality content; putting yourself into that content and standing out is the key that buying Instagram followers. 

10 Best Beauty Blogs to Follow on Instagram