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10 Benefits Of Having Merged B2C And B2B eCommerce Site

Today online businesses sell to both business and consumers with the aim of the increase their trade and boost the market share. Conventionally, they separate their B2C and B2B websites to make the operations easier. However, the e-commerce giant Amazon has merged its B2B and B2C businesses. Now consumers and businesses can buy from the same place. Why did Amazon take this unusual step? Well, merging B2C and B2B websites offer many hidden benefits to the business. It helps them to enhance sales and customer base along with simplifying day-to-day operations and marketing. Let’s review these benefits.

  1. Improved Revenue Streams: Hearing the warning call of the Magento development company, many businesses have migrated from their websites to the merged e-commerce site having both B2C and B2B capabilities. But, what kind of advantages will you get from making this change? After all, you will not change your email or telephone calls so why change the way you operate? You will appreciate this only when you see the increase in profits as it helps you tap into two revenue sources with one site.
  2. Easy Adaptability: Changing your existing website to the combined website is simple if you use the open source framework like Magento. Most of the leading brands in the world use the Magento websites with considerable success. These include the foremost brands in the world use Magento, including Osprey London, Omega Watches, and Cox & Cox.
  3. Ease of Design: Developing the B2B and B2C merged eCommerce website is easy and remains limited only by the extent to which you want to sell or expand your business. You can manage and maintain the Magento website with ease because of its simple customization facility and flexibility.
  4. Handling Two Streams: The B2B customers are those who deal with the wholesale side of the business. They need a separate discounted rate and easy access to the site. The B2C customers deal with the retail end of the business. They don’t need any special privileges. E-commerce platform like Magento can help you with the web page design because it allows good category merchandising, a neat check out process, and multiple shipping and payment methods.
  5. Create a Feature-Filled Website: To keep a hold on the buyer market, we see a growing need for hybrid purchase options, full-service capabilities, and varieties of self-service facilities in the e-commerce shops. Buyers become fickle when you do not offer these features in the shops and drop out. If they find sellers who will give them all these features, they will remain loyal and buy only from these shops.
  6. Clean and Simple Sign in for B2B Customers: There is a noticeable convergence of the B2B platform at the B2C side, especially from the manufacturers and distributors end. More manufacturers want to sell directly to the customers instead of going through the retailers. So, it is important to allow customers to sign in without hassles. In the B2B sales, you insist on the sign-in from the customer because you offer a lower rate on the goods.
  7. Designing Amazon-like Sites: Customers fall into three types. One is the type that searches for online shops that sell what he needs. The second is the one that represents the business and interacts at that level. These B2B customers get special privileges. The third type of customer goes to central shopping sites like Amazon. This type of growth of isolated shopping sites has set the new shopping trend. You need to design these kinds of sites that combine all the benefits of the B2B, B2C, and the central shopping sites. When you do so, you cover a lot more customers than if you have an ordinary e-commerce website.
  8. Uniformity of Design: This is a peculiar aspect of web design. Almost all the web pages have identical designs. This aspect allows you to install good features and make the website special. The top 10 world brands, including Coca-Cola, Ford, Fox Connect, and Olympus use Magento as their e-commerce development platform. Magento development company will help you incorporate different patterns for your websites such as the Factory Pattern, Model View Controller Pattern, Object Pool Pattern, Registry Pattern, and much more. Having this kind of option will improve the attractiveness of the website. The e-commerce solutions can handle both the B2B and B2C client line well. So, you don’t need a separate functionality for that.
  9. Ease of Content Management, Catalog Management, and Search Engine Optimization: Open source platform like Magento facilitates the businessman good control over the look and contents. This is why it is possible to build highly functional merged e-commerce sites. This CMS platform is the trusted choice for e-commerce merchandisers across the world both because it is flexible and dependable. You can use many tools such as Search Engine Optimization and catalog management. This helps drive traffic to your B2B, and B2C merged e-commerce site and helps your business prosper. You can build a scalable and robust website that is helpful for hosting e-commerce.
  10. Improved Convergence in the Market: The e-commerce solutions help businesses to assimilate the market resources through any channel. This is due to the higher degree of convergence we see around the B2B segment edges of the B2C market. Merged websites help to increase the business to reach to the customer. The customer wants to interact because of the desirable features he sees on the website. This includes easy accessibility and straightforward navigation to the product. He can place the order with ease. The high speed of the sales process urges him to make repeat orders. This omnichannel platform caters to all the customers with equal agility. You need fewer resources to manage merchandising, marketing, and product data.

B2B and B2C merged e-commerce sites have all the plus points and none of the negative points of the individual market streams. This is due to the use of the versatile open source platforms available on the market. The on-site search and easy check-out process help the customer carry a positive impression of the website with them.

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10 Benefits Of Having Merged B2C And B2B eCommerce Site

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