10 Automated Email Campaign Strategies for eCommerce

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Emails are getting boring, old, and spammy — that’s wrong. It’s still at the top of its game.

eCommerce business owners have a better privilege to communicate with their customers since the nature of their business is customer-centric marketing. Still, one cannot easily sustain constant communication between a brand and consumers. That’s why automated email marketing campaigns are created to establish a progressive relationship with customers by thank-you and follow-through emails.

Thanks to different automated generating email marketing tools available in the market today, it has gotten easier to sustain a conversation and reach your customers for the latest offers and releases. But how exactly are you going to build a solid strategy to hook your customers and potential audience all the way in?

That’s why Contevo, a leading eCommerce agency, recommends these 10 automated email marketing strategies that are proven effective, especially for eCommerce businesses. Check them out!

Strategy #1: “You Abandoned Your Cart, Would You Like To Proceed Purchasing?”

Customers leave your website with their carts not checked out for various reasons (e.g., high shipping costs + extra fees, the final item they want is unavailable, etc.), and you must know that there are different solutions for these kinds of issues.

One thing you can do (and most marketers swear it boosts open and conversion rates) is to send them a follow-up email to remind them of their pending items for purchase and offer them a special one-time code that waives the shipping fee. Another solution you can also consider is to suggest similar but more affordable products based on their previous shopping selection.

Strategy #2: “Here’s A Little Something For Your Next Purchase”

Customers like looking forward to discounts, promos, and rewards, and we know you like getting these things too. So why not give them a little something when they come back to your store for another purchase? It could be a free shipping voucher, a discount for a specific number of purchases, or a free trial of your newest product/service; the creativity is endless.

Strategy #3: “Your Wishlist Item Is Now In Stock!”

Just because a customer didn’t push through with their purchase from your website just because the item they want is out of stock doesn’t mean they have any more intentions of going back. All it takes is a little push… on their email notifications, at least.

Why not notify your customers via email once the item/s is back in stock or recommend them something closely similar to their wishlist item/s? This will not only increase the open rate but will also help increase traffic on your eCommerce website.

Strategy #4: “Welcome To _______, John! Here’s 25% Off As A Welcome Gift.”

It’s important to develop a nurturing relationship, and that starts by creating value between you and your subscriber by sending them a welcome email. Customers like it when they’re made to feel important. Meanwhile, not all eCommerce businesses can provide promotional offers as part of welcoming their new customer, but if you can, do it.

Strategy #5: “Has Your Concern Been Resolved By Us?”

Let’s put it simply this way: customers admire businesses that respond to their queries quickly and appropriately. First, there’s your customer’s initial impression pre-purchase, then there’s your customer’s final impression post-purchase. Those two moments share the same thing: how you handle customer service will make or break your business.

Sending a follow-up email to communicate to your customer whether their concern/s have been answered or not promotes a sense of urgency and lets them feel that they are being prioritized. After all, treating your customers right throughout will help your business grow.

Strategy #6: “Your Order Has Been Shipped” and ”Your Purchase Was Successful”

Sending proof of transaction email to your customers is very important because this serves as visible proof of their detailed purchase, and they need to see how much they’ve spent overall plus the other added fees.

Strategy #7: “We’ve Improved Some Of Our Services To Serve You Better.”

Informing your customers about the latest news about any changes in your business is a must, whether a redesigned website using graphic design or adding new modes of payment. Your customers have the right to know how you’re continuously improving processes to provide them the quality service they want. Even if it’s just a simple email, this will help boost your business’ credibility.

Strategy #8: “Maybe You’d Like To Try Our Newest Products Based On Your Fave Items.”

Customers love to buy something new, especially if it fits their preferences. Sending an automated email about new arrival products or new things added to your roster of existing services makes your customers better informed about the latest activities from your business.

Strategy #9: “Thank You For Being With Us, We’re Giving Away Exclusive Items Just For You”

Slightly similar to Strategy #2, this kind of email is crafted for long-time customers. For example, if you have customers who have purchased from your eCommerce store for a couple of years, why not give away some items as a means of saying thanks for their continued patronage of your store?

Customers love the feeling of being rewarded for being loyal to their favorite brands; that’s why this kind of offer will make them look forward to what kind of goods they can receive from you.

Strategy #10: “Get A Huge Discount On Your Next Purchase When You Review Our Items”

It isn’t a secret for small eCommerce business owners that one of the sneaky marketing ploys to make people buy is to put “customer feedback” on their website as testimonials to how good their products or services are when in fact, most of them are made-up. Don’t go so far as to do this.

What you can do instead is to create an automated email campaign for your existing subscribers and ask for their personal and detailed feedback instead in exchange for a mini gift. It’s a win-win situation for both sides: you get to receive authentic reviews from people who actually bought from you while your customers get a little incentive in return.

10 Automated Email Campaign Strategies for eCommerce

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