10 AI-Powered Tools for eCommerce Marketing in 2021
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10 AI-Powered Tools for eCommerce Marketing in 2021

AI is short for artificial intelligence, which is intelligence exhibited by machines of any form. Machines can learn, store knowledge and convert them into actions that can benefit them and their goals. AI has penetrated voice recognition and search engines to make the user experience easier for those using it by suggesting things that are attuned to their needs. 

Artificial intelligence mostly overtakes web development. It can read through different human interactions and our movement online to create the best user experience design. Of the things it can do: it can make better search capabilities, user experience can be personalized, data collection will be as accurate as possible, and target appropriate clients for digital marketing. These are just a few things that AI can do to make our lives so much easier.     

AI and E-Commerce

Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce has been slowly overtaking the shopping habits of many people. Those who have worked on their online stores even before the pandemic are not only one step ahead, but they are constantly looking for ways to improve their sales. 

The application of AI on eCommerce is the next big step for many online retailers: it cuts many costs in human labor, proper collection of data is done, and personalized marketing can be sent to clients. These are only just a few ways AI has made things easier for business owners.  

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Ecommerce Marketing

Many experts talk about the importance and power of data. Getting data is essential as processing it efficiently to help the sales team adjust their strategy.

Most companies organize and enter information into customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, the information provided by customers, among other sources. This unprocessed data, how do you turn it into smart assets that drive your sales?

Salesforce mentions the importance of optimizing the time spent by sales reps. Most of the time, these professionals dedicate their time to ‘operational tasks’ such as writing emails, adjusting the CRM system, etc. Would it be better if that time would be used to talk on the phone or close a meeting with a potential client for the business? It is precisely at that moment where AI technology works its magic.

Let us show you ten tools that we think are the best AI-powered tools for your eCommerce.

1. Liveperson

Liveperson is a technology company that creates conversational AI software for brands and helps their operations run remotely with AI-powered messaging. Customers will always have basic questions that don’t necessarily need a customer service representative to answer. These questions can be about the basic details of shipping for their area, conditions one needs to know when purchasing from that particular store, or direct the customer to an actual person when the need arises.

The application uses machine learning and AI to create bots that can grow with the needs of your also growing clientele, making sure you’re all set.    

2. Socialbakers

SocialBakers is an AI-powered marketing company that helps create good social media content for different companies to use. Big companies like McDonald’s, L’Oreal, and Desigual have used them to develop effective campaigns to make sure they collect as much interest as they can. They usually deploy these ads on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. 

They have multiple marketing management tools dedicated to analytics, publishing, ads management, bots that pick up any conversation online that may mention their name on any public space, and consultation. 

3. Shelf.AI

Shelf.Ai is an innovative shopping platform that uses AI to craft personalized shopping experiences for consumers. One of its best features is the ability for customers to use their virtual assistant or smartphone to order from their site. It boasts about low cart abandonment statistics and owning some of the best loyalty programs online. 

4. Removal.AI

Removal.Ai is a popular tool used among different marketers to create background-free photos. It harnesses AI technology that can properly identify the subject from the background and remove it efficiently. Designers have created this program to make a photo editor’s life easier by eliminating the hassle of tediously working on removing the location of any photo. 

5. Deep. BI

Deep.BI provides up-to-date and accurate information regarding consumer behavior. They have a heavy focus on media, insurance, eCommerce, and banking. Some of their customers are Rappler, Business Day, Estados De Minas, and El Confidencial. They track user habits and engagement, create marketing that optimizes maximum engagement, fraud detection, score leads, and provide real-time analytics. 

6. Diffbot

Diffbot extracts information from different websites to create a database of knowledge. With the help of AI, they parse through readily available online media: front pages, publicly available social media, articles, and the like to get information that they will need. Another feature they have is the Page Classifier API, which segregates all the pages they have combed through and puts them into different page types. 

Big companies like Adobe, AOL, Cisco, DuckDuckGo, eBay, and Microsoft use Diffbot. They are constantly innovating and creating new software to match or beat their competition.  

7. Trendhunter.ai

With AI, Trendhunter.Ai made its bank by analyzing the online movement of over one hundred fifty million people. They have one of the largest databases on internet culture and trends and can predict trends way before they can happen. Through the use of machine learning, they can identify different connections with trends. This would result in knowing what is the new thing before it can even happen. 

One of their key features is their image recognition software: improving the search algorithm, better creations of articles and lower cost for content creation, and better copyright detection. Big names have attached themselves to Trendhunter.AI- 7-Eleven, Volvo, Crayola, and Kraft. 

8. Highspot

Highspot helps companies increase the impact of their teams on the customer. It provides intelligent content management, contextual targeting, intuitive training, data-driven training, and customer engagement, backed by action-enabled analytics. Maximize your marketing investment with a single source of information, so content can be kept up-to-date, and sellers can easily find what they need to drive customer value and close the sale.

9. Troops.ai

Troops help salespeople automate their workflow and align them with Marketing and Product Management teams. It allows you to extract information from Salesforce and facilitates its use, advertising, and transformation in a Slack channel. From automated report generations published in Slack to finding Salesforce customer information in a dedicated Slack channel, Troops centralizes information for sales professionals in one place. Thanks to this tool, new reports, panels, and alerts are created that keep your teams informed about what is happening in real-time.

10. Crystal Knows

Crystal provides sales professionals with personality profiles for everyone they come in contact with. Describes profile information on the web, in tools like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and more. To help sales professionals take advantage of that information, Crystal gives them access to email templates based on the recipient’s personality.

This type of personalized communication is designed to strengthen the relationship between the sales professional and the customer or prospect. Similarly, you can offer suggestions on the language to use, writing suggestions, and templates.

Your Turn

AI is changing the way a lot of people run their businesses. It may have made it more complicated, but most people agree that it has freed up many workloads and made life easier. By separating the essential work and giving it to the bots, you will focus on what needs to be better. There is no need to work on repetitive and boring tasks because they all have been relegated to AI-powered bots who can also collect data that will benefit the growth of one’s business.

The applications above are but a handful of AI-powered programs you can use. You can find more through thorough research. They can speed up the growth you need in your eCommerce and make sure you will have up-to-date information crucial during different points of the year. Take advantage and see what they can do for you. 

10 AI-Powered Tools for eCommerce Marketing in 2021

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