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Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior 1

Understanding consumer buying behavior is about understanding which emotions and needs drive us in our purchasing decisions. Rarely do we shop based solely on a single objective such as price alone.  We need to understand what motivates the buyer.  Are they looking to fulfill a basic need?  Are they looking to feel better about themselves? […]

Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior

Creating Compelling Content

3 Key Points from the Consumer POV [Research] Compelling content marketing relies on marketing research and data. But content marketers mustn’t overlook the insights provided through consumer research. Here, we explore some of the key content marketing insights these studies reveal. #contentmarketing Content Marketing Institute   Related articles Content Marketing vs. SEO: The Truth Behind […]

Ecommerce Business Plan

5 Reasons for an Ecommerce Business Plan If your business is stable and does not require outside financing you still might consider doing at least a review of your marketing approach, your priorities, and a SWOT analysis. Your competitors will always be trying to outperform you and there is no room for complacency in ecommerce. […]

Getting Your Traffic to Convert 2

At Understanding eCommerce we believe that constructing a successful online business takes three parts – Build, Optimize and Convert.  But to be very clear – building websites is not objective, nor is driving traffic through search engine optimization – the objective is conversion.  Websites and SEO are tools to get there – but the goal […]