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How To Sell Your Items On eBay 1

How To Sell Your Items On eBay Without Stockpiling Your Assets With the majority of startups operating via the digital landscape, several online businesses are utilising the wide variety of virtual tools and resources in a bid to maximise their web presence. Whether it’s selling antique furnishings or secondhand computer accessories, there’s plenty of money to […]

Tips for Selling on Ebay


How to Select Right Domain Name for Your Online Store 1

With lots of people turning to websites for their shopping needs, it becomes inevitable to raise an online website. Bringing up an eCommerce website with rock-solid features is never an easy task and you might have to think upon various factors that contribute to it. How to Select Right Domain Name for Your Online Store […]

Benefits of Selling Online 1

If you are a business and the concept of selling online is a new one to you – then it really shouldn’t be! If the basic principles of what’s involved aren’t too clear to you then you’ll get a good basic overview description from established online selling environments such as that available at Amazon. Although […]


Internet Sales Tax Act helps Big Business

The Internet Sales Tax Act puts online businesses in the business of tax collection.  Business will be required to collect and remit sales tax, file tax returns in every jurisdiction they do business in on a monthly basis and opens them up to audit liabilities from any jurisdiction they do business in.  Businesses will be […]

Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013

Both Sides Spin Web Sales Tax Ahead of Senate Vote Businesses with less than US$1 million in gross annual receipts from domestic online sales will be exempt from the provisions of the act. The bill “seeks to modernize the tax code for 21st century commerce by allowing states authorization to require all sellers, regardless of […]

Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates

Ten Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates As acquisition costs rise, online merchants are under more pressure than ever maximize the conversion rates of the customers who come to their websites. Our new eBook on Increasing Conversion Rates identifies some easy and not-so-obvious opportunities for increasing conversion rates that even the most seasoned merchants will find […]

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Converting Abandoners to Customers

Breaking Down Cart Abandonment Part III: Converting Abandoners to Customers email remains an eCommerce staple. The further a visitor progresses down the funnel, the more likely that the eventual conversion will come following a click from an email. Thus, the first steps towards converting abandoners into customers is capturing emails to keep the customer connected with your […]

Breaking Down Shopping Cart Abandonment

 Part II: Why Are People Abandoning? | SeeWhy 44% thought that shipping and handling costs were too high 41% were not ready to purchase the product 27% wanted to compare prices 25% found the product price was higher than their budget 24% just wanted to save for later purchase Breaking Down Shopping Cart Abandonment Part […]

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Who’s Abandoning?

It turns out that the typical abandoner earns more than the average income, holds a college degree, and has been shopping online longer than non-abandoners. The average abandoner spends 19% more each year, compared to visitors who don’t abandon. Taking a closer look at the abandoner population reveals some interesting gender-related patterns as well. For […]

Competing Against Large eCommerce Companies

10 Ways to Compete Against Large Ecommerce Companies Here are 10 tips for how your small ecommerce business can compete, too. When I owned a small ecommerce business, I sometimes felt unable to compete against larger companies. Ad budgets were tight; working capital to fund inventory was sometimes limited to cash from curren… Related articles […]