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Gold Bar

You Have To Be Challenged

By Charlotte Wood

Tell It To Your Face

A few years ago I attended an all-day leadership class for business owners.  About midway through the training, the facilitator solicited questions from the participants.  One of the business owners requested advice with solving his business, financial, and marriage problems.  He and the facilitator began having an open dialogue about his situation and at some point in their discussion the facilitator said the phrase “gold has to be challenged”. I didn’t fully appreciate the meaning and depth of the statement at the time but the words lingered in my ears and the phrase stuck with me.  Later, as I encountered my own major life challenges like losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in poor real estate investments, working hard to stabilize a declining real estate sales business, and coping with tension at home while my husband and I confronted mounting financial pressure, I once again contemplated the phrase the facilitator said at the workshop.   “Gold has to be challenged” is a reference to the gold purification process and a metaphor for the character transformation that often occurs when one persists through challenges on the way to achieving something great.

When gold is extracted from the earth it is not in a form that can be used for commodity investing or jewelry.  It is imbedded in ore, a type of rock.  Once the ore is mined, a leaching process is used to get rid of the impurities and extract the gold.  Then additional processing using chemical compounds and an extreme high degree of heat are applied to further purify the gold.  “Gold has to be challenged” is saying there is a process, a pressure, an upsetting, a breakdown, an energy release, a breakthrough, and a transformation that results from standing in the heat on the way to accomplishing major life goals.  Think about it! Major breakthroughs don’t happen in our comfort zone and to move outside of our comfort zone, in the beginning, is painful.  Some people can’t do it.  It’s too hard.  They would rather retreat to their old comfortable ways and settle for a mediocre life.

“Gold has to be challenged” is a metaphor for You and I have to be challenged to achieve our God-given dreams.  To expect anything other than a challenge is living in Fairy Land and to fight to be comfortable and not do what you know you must do is _____________________ (you fill in the blank).

About the Author

My name is Charlotte Wood and I am the President and Founder of Tell It To Your Face®, a personal development and leadership company.

Our work at Tell It To Your Face is to help our clients achieve their goals! For some, that looks like assistance with defining a clear target and working the plan to get there. For others, it looks like a coach calling out your blind spots and encouraging you to reach further than you think you can. For all, it means possibility – a way to move to the next level.

Tell It To Your Face is about co-creating winners. We inspire our clients to reach for the things they want to accomplish and empower them with knowledge and daily success habits for getting there. How we do this is through group workshops, keynote speeches, one-on-one coaching, on-demand tele-classes, and world class books and audio products.

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