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Our Story

Our Story

We built our first website somewhere around 1997-1998. The reason for building the website was we wanted to convey information about our company to other folks in our industry. The website was simply the vehicle for that sort of marketing. It was one piece in a larger marketing strategy.

Since then, we’ve wandered down many roads – entrepreneur, adviser, coach and yes – web developer. But we’ve never strayed from the focus on what is was we wanted the customer or prospect to do and what were the best tools available that would increase the likelihood that the reader would heed our Call to Action.

Our Team

Professional Problem Solvers
M. Patrick Doherty
M. Patrick Doherty
Founder & CEO
Jorge Romero Lozano, PMP
Jorge Romero Lozano, PMP
Project Manager


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It was never about building websites...

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