Key Advantages of Marketing Research

So, you are a graduate from a creamy layer University and you think you know the Indian market at the back of your mind, eh? Let us have a fact check, even the best of brains have failed to understand the Indian market. This is a highly unpredictable market, which works on its own and […]

Finding your customers on social media

Finding your customers on social media 1

Advertisements and promotion over the social media has become the new ‘in’ thing today. People are now saying goodbye to the conventional methods of promotion for their business.  Although bill boards, TV commercials, radio commercials and newspaper and magazines still do exist and are used frequent enough, I believe social media will soon take its […]

Why Is E-Commerce Growing So Quickly? 1

Is the appeal of going into a bricks-and-mortar store, and browsing through the variety of goods on offer, before plumping for your favored option, on the wane? If we are to believe a slew of figures which have emerged in the past year, people are turning their backs on their local high streets and shopping […]


The True Importance Of Mobile Applications Development 1

It is quite easy not to think about mobile applications and the importance – especially from a commercial viewpoint unless you have enjoyed the advantages. By hiring the services of reputed and well-established developers, it is very much possible to create powerful as well as entertaining applications for the majority of the mobile phone operating […]

The True Importance Of Mobile Applications Development

Web Development

What Are the Web Services that Your Business Needs? Here Are Three of Them! 1

The digital needs of the modern business entity continue to expand and evolve with many entrepreneurs working closely with digital marketing and IT specialists to keep their organizations up to date and equipped for the challenges, digital and otherwise, thrown their way. There are a number of essential web services that modern businesses have need […]

Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior 1

Understanding consumer buying behavior is about understanding which emotions and needs drive us in our purchasing decisions. Rarely do we shop based solely on a single objective such as price alone.  We need to understand what motivates the buyer.  Are they looking to fulfill a basic need?  Are they looking to feel better about themselves? […]

Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior

5 Ways Technology Has Helped Advance The Courier Industry

Technology Has Advance The Courier Industry 1

When we think about the various technologies available and the several benefits we’ve reaped as a result of its advances, it’s incredible to think how far we’ve come both personally and professionally – with the courier industry being no exception. Thanks to certain innovations, we are now able to track the progress of our parcel […]

Strategic Communication Management In Organizations

When we talk of strategic communication management, it signifies controlling the communication that occurs within and outside an organization to promote exchange of ideas and information in a clear and consistent manner. Communication management internally within an organization is involved in communicating between different departments, policy making and product development teams. There are several situations […]

Strategic management


Funding Start-Up Businesses 1

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge of new business start-ups in the UK. In 2013, alone, more than half a million new businesses were registered. That constitutes an 8 per cent rise on the previous year and establishes an all-time record high. In other words, new businesses are on the rise. Not only that, […]